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"Eat, Prey, Love"

Huff Post has a TED video ultimately addressing one of the most obvious enigmas of DU -- why all the cat threads?

Scientific evidence is mounting...


"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything."


We used to have a family tradition in the South which kept it all nice and simple.

The term Yellow Dog Democrat goes back decades to a time when any Democrat would vote for an old yellow dog if it were running on the Democratic ticket. In other words, a true Yellow Dog Democrat would sooner vote for a mutt than a Republican. Such people were once common in the South, virtually locking out Republicans trying to hold any elected office.

Times have changed. Now we have Blue Dogs and the South is Red. You might point out the "Solid South" of the Democratic Party was really the vestiges of a racist exclusionary reaction to the Republican Lincoln and the carpetbaggers who followed. When President Johnson pushed through the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts that eventually changed the South, Johnson commented, "We have lost the South for a generation."

Well, it's time to come home for that next generation. We are still the party of Johnson and certainly represent the values of Lincoln. The southern Republicans in power have demonstrated their contempt for racial and class equality. In the New South, we have a New Democratic Party.

It is time to start to make it nice and simple again.
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