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Eminem ASL Version

Featured at HuffPo today:

Obama pursues Democrats on trade in test of his clout on Capitol Hill

Tribune Washington Bureau, Michael A. Memoli and Christi Parsons

WASHINGTON — As a proposal concerning a major trade deal reached a critical point in the Senate last week, lawmakers reported a rare occurrence: last-minute calls from President Barack Obama that ultimately helped ensure that the pact, a key agenda item of his, remained on track.

The landmark trade deal among 12 Pacific Rim nations presents Obama with the most significant test of his clout on Capitol Hill since his push half a decade ago for what would become known as Obamacare. Standing in his way are not Republicans, who have an unusual partnership with Obama on trade, but the president's fellow Democrats, who are concerned that the proposed pact would hurt the U.S. middle class.

The Republican-led Senate ultimately approved the measure granting Obama authority to negotiate the deal, but a fiercer battle awaits him in the House, where Republicans will also need the votes of at least some of the minority-party Democrats to pass the bill.

The president's attempt to get Democrats to back the trade deal has required a reboot of their relationship, which Democrats have complained ranges from strained to nonexistent. The White House says the president and other top members of the administration are trying to persuade Democrats to come around.

Obama and key officials have focused on two key blocs of potential support — the moderate New Democrat Coalition and the Congressional Black Caucus — in an extended courtship that's included rare White House invitations and promises to help them respond to any political fallout in their re-election campaigns next year.

continues at: Obama pursues Democrats

Hidden gems in your cable package?

I was scanning through foreign language channels on my cable menu. I really like Bollywood productions and Chinese opera, so I was seeing what is popular in my neck of the woods. Most channels were not included in my package, but this one popped up!

El Rey Network! "Miami Vice" "X Files" (I caught the end of an episode I never saw! As soon as I finish my "Xena Warrior Princess" DVDs, might have to watch X Files again).

"Lucha Underground!" Original programming!

And an amazing catalog of movies! Italian horror, old spaghetti westerns, and classic kung fu, including "Flying Five Finger One Armed Eight Pole Shaolin Exploding Death Touch Thursdays!"

Anybody know what else I might be missing?


Why Young People Don’t Want to Run For Office

by Katy Steinmetz, Time Article

TIME speaks with Jennifer Lawless, whose research on young Americans' political ambition is revealed in a new book.

Will American politics face a brain drain? If current trends continue, it could soon.

Political science professors Jennifer Lawless and Richard Fox asked more than 4,000 high school and college students if they would be interested in running for political office in America someday: 89% of them said “no.”

That finding is the crux of a new book based on their original research, Running From Office. In it, the authors argue that the dysfunction of Washington has turned the next generation off politics in historic fashion. Unless behaviors change, American University’s Lawless says, the country’s brightest stars are going to pursue just about anything but one of the 500,000 elected offices America needs filled each year.

We’re not necessarily blaming young people. It’s that they live in an environment where they’re not particularly interested in politics because they find it argumentative and dysfunctional. But their parents agree. And their teachers agree. And the news media agree. So they get these constant reinforcing messages that this is not something that is fun or interesting or important or noble … The [other] set of players are the politicians themselves. They behave increasingly in unappealing ways and in ways that suggest that they’re not effective at their jobs.

Did President Obama Just Have a Very Good Week?

From Gallup:

Americans' favorable ratings of President Barack Obama now stand at 53%, up four points from March. This comes after a year in which these ratings were mostly below 50% and marks the president's highest score since September 2013.

Now add in latest "Job Approval" poll!

"Gallup tracks daily the percentage of Americans who approve or disapprove of the job Barack Obama is doing as president."

As of May 23, 49% approve! 47% disapprove. +2 for Obama!

Something is happening here!

Wrap your head around this!

Alabamians may not be crazy about President Barack Obama, but they overwhelmingly support his push for a free hand in negotiating a free trade deal with Asian nations, a survey released Friday suggests.

The survey, conducted by the Montgomery research firm Cygnal on behalf of the Main Street Opportunity & Growth Coalition – a national organization that supports free trade – found strong support for a measure approved by the U.S. Senate Friday night to give "fast track" trade authority to the president.

"Alabama voters – regardless of party, age, or geography – intensely support the Trade Promotion Authority currently being debated in Congress," Cygnal said in a news release "Considering the strong Republican bent of the state, it is powerful to see such a broad desire to provide trade negotiation authority to the president. These results show that Alabama voters want their senators and congressmen to vote for TPA."

U.S. Sens. Jeff Sessions, R-Mobile, and Richard Shelby, R-Tuscaloosa, are not among that overwhelming majority indicated in the poll. They voted Friday against the deal. One three other GOP senators, however, voted "no." It passed on the strength of overwhelming support among Senate Republicans; a majority of Democratic senators opposed it.


What Hillary says...

May 22, 2015. On emails, trade, and Iraq.

No speculation, no innuendo, no conjecture - just what she said.

My opinion? Right on, Hillary!

The Senate just passed Trade Promotion Authority!


No, the world did not end!

Now on to the House of Representatives in June. When "tearing of flesh and rending of cloth" will begin again.

Congratulations, President Obama! You got a Republican Senate to pass the most progressive trade package ever! You just rounded 2nd base and are headed for home!

The White House doesn't want to waste all its time blocking racist tweets

By Adi Robertson on May 21, 2015

Anonymity has its benefits!

Three days ago, President Barack Obama got an official Presidential Twitter account. In keeping with hallowed internet tradition, a small Twitter welcoming committee celebrated his arrival with the customary recitation of racial epithets and death threats. But the law can be slow to catch up with web culture, and some people suggested that the Secret Service might actually take these tweeted threats as, well, threats.

In a press conference today, White House press secretary Josh Earnest wouldn't answer a question about whether the Secret Service is investigating any Twitter threats. But he did express a little bit of weary resignation at the more vulgar tweets. "Those kinds of images and that kind of language is all too common on the internet," he said. "I'm sure some of you guys see that on your Twitter feeds as well."

Yes, the President of the United States might have an entire division of highly trained agents dedicated to protecting his life, and one of the world's most competent social media teams. But on the internet, chaos reigns — for good, for ill. No mass of mere meat-power can hold the barricades. Maybe the next press conference will give us an official White House position on block lists.

Senate takes key step toward passing fast-track for Obama

The Senate has voted to end debate on fast-track trade legislation, handing a significant victory to President Obama and moving the bill a step closer to passage.

A final vote could come as soon as Thursday if senators agree to limit the final 30 hours of debate allowed under Senate rules.

Senators voted 62-38 on the bill, which will allow the president to send a sweeping Asia-Pacific trade deal to Congress for an up-or-down vote, and prevent the deal from being amended by Congress.

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