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The silver lining for Hillary Clinton on emails: Rising scrutiny of James Comey

It's not about Hillary's emails and the election! It's about ending democracy in America!

Source: Washington Post, by Callum Borchers

Here is a sampling of headlines from the past 24 hours:

• Did the FBI director break the law when he told Congress about Clinton-related emails? Maybe. (The Fix)

• FBI mad bomber James Comey needs to resign (New York Daily News)

• FBI's James Comey under fire after jolting presidential race (MSNBC)

• James Comey: Hillary Clinton email inquiry is FBI chief's latest controversy (Guardian)

• So much for the 'upstanding' James Comey: The FBI director's long career as preening partisan hack (Salon)

• What is the Hatch Act — and did James Comey break it? (CNN)

• Dozens of former federal prosecutors sign open letter criticizing James Comey (Huffington Post)

• Democrats fire at FBI director over email move (Wall Street Journal)

More headlines about an FBI investigation are probably the last thing Clinton wanted in the home stretch of the race. But the good news for her is that even some of her critics in the media think Comey is treating her unfairly — and that is exactly what her campaign has argued from the outset.

The more that the story revolves around Comey in the next eight days, the better it will be for Clinton.


James Comey fails to follow Justice Department rules yet again

An opinion piece from Matthew Miller, director of the Justice Department’s public affairs office from 2009 to 2011.

And does he have an opinion!


This entire episode has exposed a troubling character flaw that calls into question Comey’s very fitness to lead the FBI. He is without a doubt an outstanding lawyer and public servant. But as he has carefully nurtured his reputation for independence and integrity, he seems to have become intoxicated by the plaudits that have come his way. That praise has emboldened him to ignore the rules that apply to others, both because he believes in his own reputation and because he wants to thwart critics such as Republicans in Congress who might question it.

This case in particular has exposed how Comey’s self-regard can veer into self-righteousness, a belief that only he can fairly adjudicate the appropriateness of others’ conduct, and that the rules that apply to every other Justice Department employee are too quaint to restrict a man of his unquestionable ethics.

That is a dangerous trait. The director of the FBI has great power at his disposal. Congress has seen fit to provide FBI directors with nearly unfettered independence, including a 10-year term designed to stretch beyond any one president’s tenure.

With that independence comes a responsibility to adhere to the rules that protect the rights of those whom the FBI investigates. Comey has failed that standard repeatedly in his handling of the Clinton investigation.

From https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/james-comey-fails-to-follow-justice-department-rules-yet-again/2016/10/29/3a2fad58-9ddd-11e6-b3c9-f662adaa0048_story.html?hpid=hp_no-name_opinion-card-d%3Ahomepage%2Fstory&utm_term=.acb7f12fc177

Trump Is Ahead In Zero National Polls While The Media Continues ‘Close Race’ Narrative

Cable news continues to hype the "close race" narrative, but Trump wasn't leading in a single national poll released Thursday.

Source: PoliticusUSA, by Sean Colarossi

At least eight national polls were released on Thursday, according to RealClearPolitics, and a grand total of zero show Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton.

That’s right – not a single one shows Trump ahead in this race.

Here’s a quick rundown of the polls released today:

CNBC: Clinton +9
ABC News: Clinton +6
Pew: Clinton +6
Economist/YouGov: Clinton +5
IBD/TIPP: Clinton +2
Rasmussen: Clinton +1
Gravis: Clinton +1
LA Times: Tied

Read the rest at: http://www.politicususa.com/2016/10/27/donald-trump-national-polls-media-continues-close-race-narrative.html

Clinton makes gun control a key issue, but quick action unlikely

Source: CNN, by Edward Mejia Davis

Hillary Clinton is the first presidential candidate in a generation to make gun control a top-tier campaign issue. But even if she wins on November 8, the ability to implement much of her agenda will be extremely limited.

The Senate would require a 60 vote Democratic majority, and Democrats are not expected to win the majority in the House.

"Americans are fed up with the pace of mass shootings and the deepening violence within our cities," Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Connecticut, told CNN. "I don't think any nation could live through massacres like Sandy Hook, Charleston, San Bernardino, and Orlando and not end up in a different place.

"She didn't just talk about it in the primary -- just to create a point of differentiation with Bernie Sanders," said Murphy. "She talked about it in each of her three debates with Trump -- even when she wasn't asked about it."

"This is the first election in which Republicans are paying a price for their position on guns," said Murphy who filibustered for more than 14 hours over the summer calling for more gun control. "Republicans are certainly being weighed down by Trump. But their internal polls are also being weighed down by their opposition to common sense measures like closing the terror gun loophole."

Read it all at: http://www.cnn.com/2016/10/28/politics/clinton-gun-control/index.html

Iggy Pop on "Austin City Limits" Saturday!

That backup band looks familiar, too!

Wanna taste?

A "movement" without the celebrity.

The Trumpence bus tour of Alabama just finished.

Remember the "big rally" in Mobile, with Senator Sessions, during primary?


For Terry Buckalew of Mobile, the Wednesday gathering of 50 or so like-minded folks in the parking lot of a shopping center in front of a bus decorated in Donald Trump's likeness was a welcome shot in the arm ahead of the Nov. 8 election.

How about the other end of the state, Huntsville?


How about Montgomery, at the state capital?

Not very scary, is it? And this is the heart of Trump country!


Companies, including Alabama media, targeted in cyber-attack

The effect of this AM cyber-attack is ongoing.

Many of us use these state media services to get shared news from local sources that require signups and fees.


A widespread attack targeting the east coast has impacted a number of online companies across the country.

Websites impacted include Twitter, Spotify and Reddit.

AL.com, a statewide media company, has also been targeted. Any attempt to visit the organization’s website only brings up an error message.

Americans are more afraid of clowns than climate change, terrorism, and ... death

The problem seems to be some people don't recognize a clown when they see one!


We live in scary times.

In 2016, we’ve seen hundreds of mass shootings. We’ve watched the gap between rich and poor Americans widen. We’ve witnessed the fulminant rise of Donald Trump, whose nomination left Vox editor in chief Ezra Klein “truly afraid” for the first time in American politics.

But in the eyes of our citizens, there is a graver threat at hand: clowns.

In a poll we conducted with Morning Consult last week, 42 percent of Americans said they were, in some capacity, afraid of clowns. Among voters ages 18 to 29, nearly one in three admitted to at least a minor case of coulrophobia — fear of clowns.

Toddlers have shot at least 50 people this year

It's not about "taking your guns away" - it's about keeping us safer!

Source: Washington Post, by Christopher Ingraham

In bringing up toddlers at the debate, Clinton may have been channeling the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which recently launched a PSA focused on toddler shootings.

“Americans are shot by toddlers at least once a week.We need to lock them up. Not the guns — that’s just un-American,” the Brady Campaign says in the satirical video. “Round them up. Deport them. Get them out of our country. And keep them away from guns.”


Did you catch Syfy's premiere, "Channel Zero: Candle Cove?"

Channel Zero: Candle Cove adapts an internet legend about terrifying TV. Fittingly, it’s terrifying TV.

The “Candle Cove” storyline is one of many that Channel Zero ultimately intends to adapt from an abundant source of web-based horror stories known as creepypasta (pronounced alternatively as “creepy paste-uh” or “creepy pasta”). “Candle Cove” is one of the best-known creepypasta in existence, and one of the most adored by the genre’s many fans. The original version, a short text story of childhood nostalgia that steadily grows more horrifying until the chilling finale, was written and posted by writer Kris Straub in 2009 — a novelty, since most creepypasta are anonymous — but it feels much older, as though it has always been with us.

Now, where do all those 'teeth under the pillow' really go?

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