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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 21,193

Journal Archives

This is how we know mail in ballots are a safe and effective way to vote.


If your ballot is not being mailed directly to you, what is your plan to get it?

Almost every state has some early voting. Please make a plan today for how you will cast your ballot.

Twitter removed tweet from trump COVID advisor Mr Atlas, for false or misleading information.


Fake pro life christians on the Sunday shows defending the presidents right to incite violence

Against the Democratic governors and states.

This bullshit is not joking, it’s divisive and juvenile. It’s a call to arms for far too many. It still shocks me daily that we’re talking about the supposed president trying to get someone to pick off Democrats while 2 thousand people die each day from a now 9 month long pandemic that trump wants to make exponentially worse. He has yet to lift a finger to protect Americans. Just wait for the eviction and homelessness crisis to hit.

We need to electorally destroy every vestige of the current form of “conservatism”. They have hijacked the term in the same form that Al Queda hijacked Islam. We can not allow one solitary person in the Republican Congress or trump government to remain when Biden wins. They must be prosecuted for any crimes and a lot of laws need to be passed. For a country to say it doesn’t allow Kings, we have certainly left ourselves unprotected from this want-to-be. We are beyond the time when you can trust people to do the right thing for the sake of it.

How far we have fallen in 4 years.

8 million more people have slipped below the poverty level since MAY.

Please vote out every last Republican. Our nation is doing nothing to help people through this crisis.

Biden just dropped a mushroom cloud sized bomb on trump with his answer about DOJ

I'm watching the future #46 talking to Americans about how we will recover the trump disaster.

He is killing it!

Are the republicans really trying to blame Democrats for the Republican senate and the White House

Not agreeing on a covid relief package number. Or even what it will agree to in that regard.

As usual the media acts like the Democratic Congress will not agree with anything. In reality the republicans can’t agree with the White House or one another. How do you negotiate with that?

Trump supporters.


What do you suppose allowing a COVID Positive Psycho to hold an in-person maskless KKKlan rally

On White House lawn will do in the minds of MAGAts for the states experiencing sharp increase in infections.

How can good people stand by and allow it to continue. Trump and republicans are knowingly and wantonly spreading a deadly virus that has already killed 213,000 people. Why do we have to tolerate another day? How in the hell did we get here?
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