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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 21,193

Journal Archives

Liberate the White House

Biden/Harris 2020
Posted by onecaliberal | Fri Oct 9, 2020, 04:12 PM (2 replies)

We voted last night, dropping off at clerks office today!


Posted by onecaliberal | Fri Oct 9, 2020, 11:00 AM (1 replies)

I never thought I'd live long enough to see republicans begging people to vote for a Democratic

Candidate for POTUS. The cult members are all that remain.

On Edit: The Lincoln Project is giving a Master Class in how to fight the right wing bullshit. I hope we’re taking copious notes.

Mr Pence, who are these American people you've continually cited in every non answer you've given?

Poll after poll demonstrates the vast majority of Americans are opposed to everything you’re talking about.
Posted by onecaliberal | Wed Oct 7, 2020, 10:22 PM (0 replies)

Steve Schmidt twitter feed must see.

Posted by onecaliberal | Wed Oct 7, 2020, 09:34 PM (0 replies)

I'm crying just looking at Senator Harris on that stage.

She’s such a boss.
Posted by onecaliberal | Wed Oct 7, 2020, 09:06 PM (5 replies)

Don't let it dominate your life.

Posted by onecaliberal | Tue Oct 6, 2020, 09:08 PM (2 replies)

Trump is saying he's going to the debate next week.

What is going to happen when they tell him he can’t go? That’s if anyone even tries to stop him. Trump and his ilk are actively trying to spread the virus to the Democrats. Biden was already exposed by trump once. That cannot be allowed again.

Trump thinks making Biden stay away from the debate because trump is refusing to quarantine while positive for covid makes him look big and strong. He’s a fucking psycho.

Americans need to know.

When was the last time Trump tested Negative?

When did trump know he was COVID positive?

Asking for a country.
Posted by onecaliberal | Mon Oct 5, 2020, 11:08 PM (4 replies)

Dear republicans

To quote an old Republican saying, “fuck your feelings”. The fact you don’t know what a hypocrite is, is not my problem. You will receive in spades what you put into the universe.
Posted by onecaliberal | Mon Oct 5, 2020, 02:29 PM (4 replies)
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