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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 20,109

Journal Archives

Seth Abramson thread about bribery receipts.

Why does anyone find this confusing?

Trump's efforts to manufacture dirt on his presidential-campaign opponent Joe Biden were bankrolled by Putin agent Dmitry Firtash, who sought Trump's aid in taking over Naftogaz. Trump provided the aidócompleting the federal crime of bribery.


States are reopening based on the economy, not science.

The virus spread is not decreasing with the exception of New York, but theyíre just really-opening. There is no safety in any of these plans.
Because much of the country went into shelter in place it kept explosive spread in check for a time. That time is OVER. The level danger is higher than ever. I feel like weíre living in an alternate reality. I desperately want to wake up from this nightmare.
How many deaths is enough?

This is an honest question. I really want to know.

Why do covidiots wear masks to their hate rallies where theyíre holding signs saying itís a hoax. Or itís no worse than the flu or sorry youíre elderly or compromised we have to profit. They didnít wear the mask in past flu seasons?

I canít wrap my mind around their thought process. Every single thing they spew is upside down world.

One of these things is not like the other.


We could be trying to rebuild infrastructure (schools roads bridges) We could be retooling

for a green economy. Millions of jobs. Hire and train people to trace and track the virus. We need tens of thousands of them.

Why canít we stop waiting for jobs to return that never will and start thinking more about innovative ways to put people back to work with a new reality? In the meantime give people a monthly minimum income and free access to healthcare.

I wish the media would start digging into these millionaire politicians.

How does a Senator making 200,000 a year have a net worth of 22 million or more?

Senator Burr is far from the only one who needs to be investigated. If we donít stop corporate owned politicians we will never get anywhere. These millionaire pricks are going to vote against more help for people in this pandemic.

One in 5 is hungry, RIGHT NOW. Iím struggling to understand the abject cruelty and soullessness.

Something that may have been missed in the reporting about today's hearing with Fauci and friends.

Senator Sanders asked Dr. Stephen M. Hahn if Americans would have access to the COVID vaccine free of charge. The reply was the payment of vaccine is not the responsibility of the FDA, but that he would take the concern back to the task force. I can't help but wonder how this is all going to roll out.

Why does it seem republicans are always doing the exact opposite of best practice?

We need an essential workers bill of rights now. Republicans think the front line workers are expendable. Many are poor, black, brown and female. We are already losing these people at a much higher rate.

What is the value of a human life?

Why wasn't the CDC Guidance released sooner for opening states? Is the administration blocking it.

Answer: It is under review.

Fauci just testified that the number of reported dead is likely higher.

and that the virus will not just disappear.

cue dump meltdown...

Did I hear them say we are doing ten million tests per month?

Everything these so called experts are saying is a flat out lie. With the exception of Fauci.
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