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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 24,347

Journal Archives

Leo D just called out the climate deniers and the greedy corporations and those who support them.

I hope Hollywood mobilizes now!

I wonder how much Hillary paid Rachel?

It's so far behind the pale, pretentious, like how dare the pesants demand equality.

When you already have 67% of the country who believes you are a liar.

Why would you rely on republicans to give you cover on the transcript issue? The DNC and her supporters have some soul searching to do. They have laid bare their desire to protect the plutocracy at all cost in public. Don't see how the party survives this.

He did it for party unity. He's been caucusing with them for decades.

His intention is not to rip it all down, but to help people, his while life's work has been about helping people. To suggest otherwise is complete bullshit.

What does it say about a society and it's willingness

To support politicians who are selling their souls out of expediency and desire to obtain money and power from winning a national election. How can people say we are a nation of laws? How can people say we are a "Christian" nation.

Every facet of our lives has been invaded by the corruption of these people and their big money bosses. If we don't take every measure to defeat these morally bankrupt cabal of politicians who can't be bothered to care about the suffering and dying every day because these same people are only invested in the 62 people who own more wealth than 3.4 billion, then we are toast. We Must organize, donate, talk, and most importantly vote. We cannot allow greed to continue to kill us all.

There is only one candidate running for POTUS willing to take on the complete corruption of America. We can't wait any longer, we are the people we've all been waiting for. Let's roll up our sleeves, put on our comfortable shoes and get to work. We can and we must do this!

Hillary's 30% lead vanished in less than 2 months in NV.

There is NO reason for Bernie or his followers to be discouraged. Go donate or make some calls or canvas. Register voters, make sure everyone you know is registered and knows where to vote and has the proper ID. We got this. Hillary will only lose popularity.

Press The Meat, has every whackjob candidate on the right spewing ridiculousness.

It has become patently obvious that the media is in the bag for money. The Fourth Estate is dead.
What a sorry state of affairs we live with when the only Republican who had the intestinal fortitude to drop a few facts about the Iraq war and the non Existent WMD's is being excoriated on corporate media. One almost needs to bathe in quats after watching.

Thank you for the heart.

It is a very kind gesture.

Are Hillary Clinton supporters really calling the actual photographer

who took all of those photos of Bernie a liar? They are interviewing Mrs. Greenspan, but not the actual photographer who says is it indeed Bernie Sanders in this photo. Same clothes, same haircut. Goodness. Do they have any idea it makes them look like monkeys in a cage flinging crap?

Who Won tonight's debate?

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