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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 24,248

Journal Archives

I want to know how a candidate I have never donated to, or volunteered for

and never signed up for anything remotely related to her has gotten her hands on my home address? I don't want her correspondence. I REALLY want to know how she got my address?

She has the intestinal fortitude to ask me for money. I've been told to fuck off, now you're begging me for money. No chance in hell.

If you're not on this list and you're celebrating Hillary, you're celebrating the demise of middle

class, poor folks, elderly, veterans, the environment, and students. The "people" on the list have given large sums of money to Hillary Clinton for her campaign. Is there anyone who can possibly be taken serious that thinks these "people" aren't expecting something, or have already been promised something in return?
Why are there so many laws in Congress banning them from gifts, food, and trips? If no one thought these things were corrupting, why aren't they allowed for members of Congress? The fact is these gifts are corrupting, they are offered as a quid pro quo and everyone knows it.

If Hillary really wanted to be transparent she would show us what she promised these "people" by releasing the transcripts. She won't do that, because she knows it would spell the end of her campaign.

Edit to include link to donor list:

The free media from ABC & NBC this primary season is unprecedented.

It's shameful enough on its face but the lies and manipulation push it far beyond the pale. Democracy my arse...

If you don't think having your registration mysteriously switched,

Changing poll places 24 hours before the election, prohibiting early voting, opening the polls at noon to keep people from voting are problems, then you're not a democrat and you definitely don't believe in democracy.
American men and women died in Iraq protecting their right to vote, and we have idiots here trying to keep folks from voting. This is not DEMOCRACY. Who cares what party you're in, it doesn't matter, you should be able to go to the poll and vote for the candidate of your choice, that is freedom. Anything else is the rigged bullshit the wealthy are fighting us to keep.

21 Youth Win Historic Climate Ruling Against Fossil Fuel and the Government

As it turns out, a group of 21 young people from across the nation have joined the climate change war in the savviest way possible and they just won a significantly historic and constitutional climate change court battle. And they prevailed against the fossil fuel industry and the federal government -Historic ruling for 5th and 9th amendments.


What specifically would Hillary do to address rising poverty and income inequality?

This so completely unacceptable. Especially since there has been a significant increase since 2006. Are some of us saying this is okay because it's not us? We cannot continue to starve children and look on while people die from a lack of healthcare and say this country is great. The only thing this country has been great at is protecting the wealthy and well connected at all cost. If you're going to say this is a Christian nation how the hell do you square this in your own mind?


Why is it acceptable for Hillary Clinton to run for POTUS while under FBI investigation

And probably be indicted? I can't even imagine what the corporate media would be saying if it were Bernie. It's beyond the pale. I don't want another nano second of that scandal plagued pathalogic liar. Her hands are soaked in blood.

Joe Conasen and David Cay Johnson are smearing Bernie about the taxes.

The both attacked Thom Hartmann after he asked David Cay to correct a misstatement at best. Her people are vernomous and will lie about anything they can pull from their collective ass.

Edit: David cay blocked Thom on Twitter so no one could find out his article was a lie.
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