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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 24,231

Journal Archives

Is trump really stupid enough to talk about Bill Clintons infedelity when he is a serial adulterer?

It's completely ironic that he doesn't understand how it opens him up to the same line of attack.

Dear Republicans:

This is what happens when you allow the most vapid in your party to drag you below the gutter and nominate an individual with little to no intelligence or humanity. I knew he was stupid and unprepared but madam secretary laid bare the farce that is trump and his fitness to run for the office of President of The United States while 100 million people watched. Karma is a *%#.

If you take a picture of your $&@: and send it to a teen

The department of justice will come to investigate (rightly so) but if you bribe attorney generals to stop investigating you, dept. of justice is nowhere to be found. psssh

NBC committed journalistic malpractice at their joke of a CIC forum.

They allowed trump to blather on with personal attacks, he did not even attempt to answer any of the questions asked, wasn't pressed on anything or called on his many lies.
NBC wasn't interested in presenting anything insightful to the American people, they ran another episode of a pathetic reality TeeVee show. Americans lives are not a game, this man doesn't know the first thing about government, the military, foreign intelligence. Nothing! I would bet money he doesn't know how a bill becomes law. We need to take the corporate media down. They're more interested in money than America or its citizens.

Trump surrogates on CNN saying we should kill civilians and not worry when fighting ISIS.

They both stated that killing civilians should have no bearing on a decision to strike. These grotesquely ignorant idiots have no idea what the hell they're talking about. They were smiling during this discussion, I really couldn't believe they were saying it out loud. It's just, wow.

Trump has ZERO idea that his own congress will NOT pay for anything he wants

The VA is fucked because republicans chronically underfund it. They only care about veterans as long as they can be used as cannon fodder.
Posted by onecaliberal | Wed Sep 7, 2016, 08:50 PM (6 replies)

Republican plan to steal the '16 election. Cross check.

You need to check your registration especially if you have a common last name. They're purging Asian, Mexican and other minority's names.

Read the full story from Palast:
Posted by onecaliberal | Mon Sep 5, 2016, 02:23 PM (5 replies)

If you're a white gun humping government hating American seizing and occupying government land

Causing millions of dollars in vandalism, we will treat you with kindness and deference. If you are Native American trying to protect your own land and water, you will be threatened with arrest, vicious dogs will be released to attack you, your movement will be restricted on your own land. I've heard almost none of this on the main stream media.

Clinton needs to make an ad with several of the people lying trump failed to pay for their services.

Would be great for lying republicans to see his path of destruction and his pathological lies.
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