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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 06:50 PM
Number of posts: 18,210

Journal Archives

The president is a liar and a criminal. eom

So now whatever many people think matters more than truth?

Never mind that studies show faux snooze viewers are more clueless and stupid than folks who donít watch news at all.

Why does America prefer guns and war over life?

The hypocrisy on this issue is mind boggling. You cannot be pro life if you rail against sensible gun control and peace as opposed to war.

The same people force women into motherhood but strip healthcare food and all other forms of safety net from women and children.

Why do so many men think it's okay to discriminate against women's

Reproductive health by denying access to birth control based on religious liberty? I guess viagra doesn't offend their delicate religion.

Edit: auto correct crazy.

I don't care if you get some sick thrill out of taking your 12 year old to shoot automatic weapons

at a gun range. There is zero reason for Americans to own these guns. They're not useful for hunting or anything reasonable for joe 6 pack. They are used to inflict maximum carnage in short order. They are weapons of war. Stop the madness. Sensible gun control now.

Is there anything congressional Democrats can do to mobilize resources for Puerto Rico?

Dumpco is purposely killing people and then blaming them. My heart is breaking for Puerto Rico, I've never been so embarrassed by an individual in my life.

Does this go for Jarred and Ivanka too?




Lock them up? Where is the investigation? Both FBI and Congressional.

I can't listen to the orange maggot talk about 9-11. He has ZERO idea what sacrifice means.

What a complete waste of oxygen.

Dear ABC, Spare me from program interruptions from

the criminal in chief. He's more ignorant than a third grader on most every subject. I honestly do not care what he has been handed to read any longer. He didn't write it, and doesn't believe it. He does not represent America. He is all for himself.

My email to ABC after program interruption for dump.

If you didn't vote for Hillary Clinton you are responsible for the fascist psycho in the White House

While a category 4 hurricane is slamming the entire state of Texas practically, the psycho is on Twitter and pardoning a convicted racist. There can be no dount what the subhuman orange maggot is all about.

Fuck the asshats who were worried about benign emails from the most qualified human on the planet to run this county. Instead we are knee deep in fascism and 1/3 of the county are a okay with that. We are so completely screwed.
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