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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 30,025

Journal Archives

My patience with the America is not ready for a woman meme has grown very thin.

A rapist who was illegitimately installed in the White House is electable, and we’re struggling to find someone to defeat him. What in the actual hell is wrong with this country? Why do we keep buying the fucking republican talking points.

Who knew betraying your country overseas in public would get kudos from the media?

I can not envision the shit storm that would have happened if Obama would have done this. Republicans wanted to impeach him over saying he would talk to Assad. The media is a fascist propaganda arm of dumpco.

Dear Media

Us non-misogynists aren't thinking about whether or not the US is "rEaDy FoR a WoMaN pReSiDenT."

We're wondering why the fuck a RAPIST is sitting in the Oval Office.

Talk about that.

Trump is not the duly elected president of the United States, SAY IT!


Sick of the media in this country trying to normalize and make excuses for what is happening.

Russia, Israel, the UAE and Saudi Arabia stole the election for trump to destroy western democracy and so far it appears to be a raging success.

Most of the pundits are wildly off the mark in their assessment of the 2020 election.

They have no idea how irate many of us are. Their drivel is tiring. I don’t want middle of the road solutions. We’ve compromised so much since Reagan, we could be considered Eisenhower republicans in many ways.

Why is upchuck toad asking debate questions?

He belong on faux spews.

I am distraught about the children in texas. How can this happen? They can't wait for an election.

My god... what can we do. Why doesn’t this matter to more people. I’m so upset.

Another credible allegation of first degree rape against trump.

The media barely bothers to cover it. A Democrat farts, they spend days breathlessly dissecting every syllable.

How many times a day does one expect to be triggered by the soulless party of trump?

Anyone remember Susan McDougal being locked up for 18 months when she refuse to testify

When she refused to testify about Whitewater? She ignored a subpoena, Republicons locked her up. Why aren’t we employing this strategy with hicks, dump jr and Barr?

I'm beginning to think there is something in the republican brain that Impedes their understanding

of irony.
They rail against helping people without a job, until they lose their job. They’ll argue against a woman’s right to bodily autonomy, until they want an abortion. They go on and on about how much they love America, but side with a foreign hostile government over the word of Americas career agencies. They hate Obamacare, but love the ACA.
I truly have no clue what happens in your brain when you fail to see what is in front of your face.
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