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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 24,248

Journal Archives

CNN Reporting the bounty offered to the Taliban resulted in deaths of US troops.

That orange garbage needs to go now.

Update: According to foreign intel it was at least 5 soldiers. Some in 2018, some in 2019.

Trump cares more about confederate statues than American soldiers.

Still no statement of condemnation against Russia. Only more retweets from White supremacists.

Putin has complete control of trump. Trump has the nuclear codes.

Does this terrify people as much as it does me?

Why do we continue to allow a standard for republicans and yet a different standard for Democrats.

Everyone with a brain knows Barr is covering for dump crimes and is acting illegally but no one really says anything. Or they have no appetite to address it? What is that about? I am pissed. Iím tired of the inmates running the asylum. Iím tired of being held hostage by the lowest common denominator. Iím sick of the oppression.

Chris Cuomo calling out Kevin McCarthy, trump and republicans

Right now on CNN, about the virus. This is what we need. If you can catch the rerun. Heís on fire. More of this, please.

Because everything else going on isn't quite enough. 6.1 Earthquake near Kings Canyon National Park

Happy Father's dad to all of the DU Dads. Bio or not. Love to you all 💕

120,000 dead people do not think a joke about Covid testing is funny.

Every time that orange garbage letís the truth slip they call it a joke. The only joke is on us for allowing the stupidest most criminal asshole to continue to occupy the Oval Office. What kind of soulless evil bastard calls a statement like that a joke?

Interesting thread about why Barr is trying to fire Berman.


The real reason trump is going to Oklahoma on Saturday is a photo op.

Just as trump was willing to risk the lives of the protestors at Lafayette Park for a photo with a bible prop for the frothy mouth Karenís of the world. Heís willing to let people risk their very lives and that of people who donít even attend when the whack jobs return home. For the sole purpose of obtaining a campaign photo. The tell was his tweet about Biden doing public events today.

Republicons are truly soulless and evil. They canít be removed soon enough.
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