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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 07:50 PM
Number of posts: 24,262

Journal Archives

Calling all high school drop outs looking for a job.

You can move to Florida and run for congress.

How are republicans allowed to get away with creating a hostile work environment.

If I knew a con worker was bringing a gun into my work space, I would call the police. If I were afraid and threatened I would file a complaint. This is not okay. This is what they want. There needs to be a swift response.

For those who don't think we should proceed on the COVID bill without republican agreement.

I have three words for you.

Amy Coney Barrett.

Gun humpers who stormed the capitol and charged with felonies

Are essentially taking their own guns away.
That is pretty damn funny.

Mitch and republicans need to be shown all the deference they showed Dems.

There can be no concessions. We are the clear majority. We have much to do. Letís get on it instead of worrying about the things evil people want. Weíve had plenty of that already. We cannot allow these anti American insurrection loving cowards to obstruct Americas agenda to Build Back Better.

America has paid a terrible price for propagating white privilege.

Capitol of democracy defaced and disrespected by rabid imbeciles not capable of understanding what they broke. Like 2 year olds, throwing a fit because they didnít get their way.

400,000 Americans dead of COVID because republicans lied repeatedly about the virus and failed to come up with any plan to save lives. Have done NOTHING for more than a year. They donít get credit for the vaccine.

I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT what republicans want to happen or think should happen. They forfeited ALL credibility. Itís time to pay the piper.

The fascist have to be shamed and shunned in all corners of this country.

Itís going to be incumbent upon us to speak up. When we see and hear things we need to have the courage to speak up. This is history repeating and we cannot ignore these conversations any longer.

I keep waiting to hear that the people who built the gallows at the capitol have been arrested.

I have not heard a peep about how this was allowed to happen. How did they get the materials there? Did the capitol police not notice? How could anyone argue the insurrection was not planned?

For the people crying about the amount of stimulus. You know what Biden wont do? LET PEOPLE DIE

I am so exhausted with people who can do nothing but complain after what we're going through and have gone through.

trump admin had 9 months to plan for vaccine distribution. Secretary Azar is a liar.

There is no additional vaccine to release. Like everything else, they had NO plan only lies. Governors are scrambling. People are demanding vaccine, the amount given to states has gone down with each passing day. republicans want to kill as many people as possible.
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