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Gender: Female
Hometown: California
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 06:50 PM
Number of posts: 21,648

Journal Archives

How is it Democracy when 2 people can decide they will kill human kind

And cause untold suffering, and itís allowed to ride.

It's time for a general strike.

These corporate assholes and their flying monkeys in Congress need to understand we are done being their pawns.
We canít have dental or vision insurance when we get old because rich people will have to pay taxes. Do they even hear themselves? I really need to get off this ride now. Iím in another universe.

The fix is in.

Judge Wonít Let Prosecutors Say Kyle Rittenhouse Killed ĎVictims,í Will Allow Defense to Call Them ĎLootersí and ĎArsonistsí if Warranted


Democrats want to repair and strengthen the villages across America for all Americans.

From Joe 6 pak to the poor souls without a roof over their heads.
70% of the country agrees that itís high time the wealthy and corporations pay taxes. They benefit from the broken down infrastructure, they must contribute to its rebuilding. We canít sacrifice the workers or poor people in this country to save a tax cut for some rich asshole.

If we allow republicans to decide who gets to count the votes. Democracy will die.

A process in government cannot be allowed to destroy itself. We need to demand that our reps do what republicans would have done long ago. President Biden knows this. Thatís why heís willing to change it.

House republicans just voted to delegitimize the House Of Representatives.

They do not view the branch as a separate but equal piece of government. That being said, they cannot possibly uphold their oath to the constitution. How many times will they vote against our founding document before itís a universal understanding that republicans are not capable or interested in governing?

Mary Trump's lawyer says dump is about to go through some things.

I am paraphrasing, of course.
The depositions have begun and from the sound of it Trump did what trump always does. I hope dump finally finds out what happens when you fuck around. Letís see what happens next.

I want the media who interview members of the traitor party to ask them.

What should the Women with children that republicans forced them to have, women who cannot afford childcare, or food or healthcare costs; how does she get a job and keep it?

Why do you think you should make political decisions about public health concerning deadly diseases? Do you support public health? Are you pro polio and measles?

Why did you tell voters you supported an agenda, then accept money from corporations who paid you to turn your back on the voters who put you in office?

Evangelicals are anti vaccine because they're constantly waiting for someone else to die for their

Sins. Never taking responsibility for anything they do and say. Theyíre killing Americans with their soulless morally bankrupt agenda.

My co-workers mom passed away because there was no bed in the hospital

to take care of her heart condition. She was left in a hospital hallway for two days waiting for an echo test that was never done. My co-worker is completely devastated and so angry.

We need to shun the anti-vaxxers from the public and society. They ARE killing people. I'm so broken for her. This country is just jacked.
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