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Member since: Sun May 4, 2014, 02:40 AM
Number of posts: 2,229

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Ok DUers, I need your help.

I am the one who posted, "fuck off" toward Michael Moore in this thread.


Apparently, some members took that as a personal insult. That was not my intention at all! As stated in that thread, I believe MM made that post for self-gain using the plight of the refugees.

If you have a different opinion, that's great! What I don't understand is the personal attacks dirieving from that post. I tried to ignore it but it seems to keep getting more and more.

So, it seems my presence in itself is disruptive to the community. I don't want that! So I come before the community to ask you your opinion.

Would you prefer that I go away or do I stay here and let things blow over?

To any host, I'm not trying to make a meta-thread. On the contrary, I wish to minimize the disruptions that I'm causing. I would ask that this stay open to allow the community to give their opinion. If indeed the consensus is for me to go, then I will. I do not wish to cause any problems for you, the community, or for Skinner. Thank you!
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