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Jail let mentally disabled man starve to death, lawsuit says.

This story broke my heart and made me sick. Poor man. Long, but well worth the read.

(CNN)Arrested for stealing $5.05 of sweets and soda, a 24-year-old who doctors repeatedly diagnosed as psychotic and delusional was left to essentially starve to death over four months in a squalid Virginia jail cell, Jamycheal Mitchell's aunt alleged in a federal lawsuit.

By the time Mitchell died in August -- officially, of a heart condition "accompanying wasting syndrome of unknown etiology" -- jail staff had allegedly denied him many meals, cut off the water to his cell and left him naked with no bedding or shoes as he smeared feces on the window of his urine-covered cell, the lawsuit states, citing numerous inmates who served time with Mitchell.
Mitchell lost about 40 pounds during his time in jail, documents say. A medical examiner said he was "nearly cachectic," meaning his weight loss could not be reversed via nutrition.

More at link:

What do you think the current demographics of DU are in regards to political affiliation?

How many Democrats, Independents, and Republicans are here. I'm curious as to what people think.
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