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The mysterious syndrome impairing astronauts’ sight

In 2005, astronaut John Phillips took a break from his work on the International Space Station and looked out the window at Earth. He was about halfway through a mission that had begun in April and would end in October.

When he gazed down at the planet, Earth was blurry. He couldn’t focus on it clearly. That was strange — his vision had always been 20/20. He wondered: Was his eyesight getting worse?

“I’m not sure if I reported that to the ground,” he said. “I think I didn’t. I thought it would be something that would just go away, and fix itself when I got to Earth.”

It didn’t go away.

During Phillips’s post-flight physical, NASA found that his vision had gone from 20/20 to 20/100 in six months.

More at link:

Looks like they're saying it's due to fluid build-up in the skull that would normally be pulled into the extremities by gravity. If we hope to conduct long-term missions, it would seem we need to develop artificial gravity for the ships. Maybe something along the line of centrifugal force?

Pokémon hunters help save overdose victims

A search for the latest social media craze led to the rescue of two people in Cincinnati.

Deion Collier told WLWT News 5 that he and some friends were looking for "Pokémon GO" creatures on their cell phones on Sunday, visiting places from Spring Grove Cemetery to Eden Park.

Collier said they were on their way home when they came upon a slowly-rolling car on the Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard overpass over I-71 with two unconscious people inside.

"Maybe 5 miles an hour, or 10. We hopped out and ran over and I grabbed the wheel so they don't go over the cliff right there then they bounced over and hit my car," Collier said.

Collier said he called 911, where operators told him to get the man and woman out of the car and begin CPR if possible.

An Anderson Township EMS unit came upon the scene and helped transport the two to a nearby hospital, where they were treated for possible overdoses.

Collier said he and his friends were glad they were able to help the couple, saying that if they hadn't been trying to find Pokémon, they'd have been at home, probably watching movies.


At this rate, we'll need a sub-forum just for Pokemon.
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