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Member since: Fri May 23, 2014, 02:42 PM
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So I guess this should make me happy.

I noticed the numbers in the Iowa caucuses. Yes the orange shit head ran the table for the rethug caucuses, but the sheer difference in the numbers does give me a little bit of hope.

Some 40,000 poople caucused for the republicans.

....some 140,000 people caucused for the non republicans.

If this holds true across most of what is to come, dare I hope?
Posted by Arthur_Frain | Sat Feb 8, 2020, 11:21 AM (2 replies)

In my opinion, behaving as if or counting on justice Roberts to render actual justice

is ill advised. Everything Schiff has done has been brilliant up to this point, but I’m not sure I agree with this ploy.

I just called both of my senators this morning

Murkowski and Sullivan. I was polite, I avoided raging or raving, I made very level points about how it isn’t possible to have a trial without calling witnesses or reviewing evidence. Then I thanked the hapless phone-niks for their time this morning and hung up. (One seemed particularly befuddled when I began the conversation by asking her how her day was going).

I know I’m whistling in the dark here. I know both these idiots will vote to sweep all this shit under the rug. And even worse I know that Sullivan is going to get re-elected this November.

I’ll be calling again tomorrow morning, and every morning thereafter that this debacle continues. Eventually, if I do my job right, they may rue my calls, or at least that’s my goal.

I received a very interesting email from Don Young, the house rep for AK.

Note that I have never received anything from him before.

In this email, there’s the usual pablum of “as a representative....” blah, blah, blah.

And then there is a poll. In this poll I am given the choice of 6 items I think the house should be focused on right now. The usual cast of “infrastructure improvements and maintenance”, “tax reform”, conveniently however, there was no mention of impeachment.

There was however an “other” box.

I’m pretty jaded politically, and I don’t usually participate in this crap, it gets my email on the radar. But this time I thought “why not”?

And you can bet I clicked “other”.

Submitted the survey and guess what? 33% of the other folks picked “other”, and the second highest in the poll was “infrastructure improvements and maintenance”, at a smooth 21%.

Think about that for a moment. Savor it.

Why would I receive an unsolicited email this week from my house representative? Why a poll worded in such a way to provide deniability?

I’m actually beginning to wonder if the winds might be changing ever so slightly.

Amongst their inability to properly use words......

Did Doug Collins just twice mangle the word “denigrate”?

On edit. I think he wanted to use it, but veered into “degenerate”.

Please, please, please SNL let Kate McKinnon play Stephen Castor on this weeks cold open.

Just the idea of what she would do with his myopic lean into every exhibit has me in a pre-laugh paroxysm.

Just watched Ted Cruz publicly fellate trump on Meet the Press.

After the way he treated him in the primary, after the claims he made about his wife, and the threats he made. Chuck Todd even brought some of the worst ones up!

Ted just kept on sucking.

What? What? What?

Please, God, before I go, I have to know.


What would make a guy do that? Flip so obviously and so honorlessly to laud a guy who took it to his wife?

*as an aside, I’m not near death. This is just really bugging me man.

What really chaps the ass of the rethugs re the ousted Ukrainian ambassador

and other aides who are currently being called to testify?

It’s demonstrating that a women can in fact hold power over them, and force them to her will.

This is something that they simply cannot abide. I want to see more.
Posted by Arthur_Frain | Thu Nov 7, 2019, 04:21 PM (1 replies)

Every other ad online right now?!?!

All extreme right wing propaganda. Seen the ad for the fake news “epoch times” now several times a day. Gut heave inducing lies.

Think the waters getting a little hot for them now, and this is going to get way worse.

Going to set the same thing up again? Is there any way we can evolve?


From the article, which is not long, but has some other great points:

“Romney is shrugging it all off. On Thursday evening, he hosted a fundraiser for the Utah Republican Party, an organization that's been plagued by financial and organizational troubles. Within the state’s political circles, the event was considered particularly noteworthy because conservatives formerly involved in the state GOP apparatus vocally opposed Romney’s 2018 Senate bid”

Elsewhere they opine to former donors “the water is warm, jump back in”, meaning they expect this political turbulence to blow over pretty damned quickly, and the establishment republicans are getting ready to go back to business as usual.

Looks to me from what’s on the plate with the Democratic hopefuls that that’s probably what we can expect from them too. Too bad there isnt a real firebrand in there like AOC.
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