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Member since: Sun May 25, 2014, 11:27 AM
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My thoughts on Biden & the idea of an "elder statesman."

I confess, even though I like Biden a lot, I've been hoping he would stay out of this race because we have so many other great candidates running. I felt it was time for this new generation of Democrats to move up in the party & take the reins.

However. I've recently started thinking differently.

I asked myself, "what does Biden offer that the other 'new generation' candidates don't offer?"

The biggest thing Biden offers that they don't is that he can fill the role of "elder statesman."

We all know our country has gone to hell in a flaming dumpster under Trump. Our Constitution is being ignored, our laws are being openly violated, & time-tested norms that made our country great are being flushed down Trump's gold-plated toilet. Our status on the international stage has been diminished, we've abandoned essential American values like human rights, & relationships with our allies have been damaged to the point where many of them are wondering if America has truly lost its way.

Due to all of this, the next POTUS faces a unique & daunting challenge. They will have to deal with much, much more than the usual agenda of tax policy, healthcare, infrastructure etc. They will have to be the steady hand that guides America back from the brink of Trump insanity, restores our norms & values, & reassures the world that NO, America has NOT lost its way. They will have to heal the wounds caused by Donald Trump, & that is not a minor task.

I can see how Biden could easily be that steady, trusted, reassuring hand, the "elder statesman" who guides our country on the path back to sanity & rebuilds relationships with our allies.

I'm starting to think that right now, at this unique point in our history, this is what our country needs more than anything. Job One is to make America America again.

But what of all those great "new generation" Dems?

Well, they're not going away. No matter what happens in the primary they will still be here to fight with us. And, I'll bet that if Biden wins the nomination he would pick one of them as a running mate. (Personally I think Harris would be an awesome choice.)

I'll be watching & listening to all the candidates & if Biden looks like he's the best choice to send Trump packing, I'll be changing my candidate preference.
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