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Member since: Fri May 30, 2014, 03:30 PM
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NC GOP Candidate Skeet Shoots Dem Positions In This Wild Campaign Ad

So you support a "guy" that is a un-indicted conspirator to crime, this says something ....................there dude

Solution :


Tired Of Winning Yet? Trump Notches 63 Embarrassing Court Defeats

Oliver Willis

March 19, 2019 6:38 pm

The Trump administration has racked up an embarrassing pile of 63 losses in federal courts over the last two years — and experts say it’s thanks to rank incompetence and a failure to do the very basic legwork of making sure new policies will pass legal muster.

“In case after case, judges have rebuked Trump officials for failing to follow the most basic rules of governance for shifting policy, including providing legitimate explanations supported by facts and, where required, public input,” the Washington Post reports.

The Trump team has a particularly high failure record in cases involving the Administrative Procedure Act, which the Post describes as a key law that defends against “arbitrary rule” by the executive branch.

Usually, under other presidents of both parties, the government wins about 70 percent of such cases. Under Trump, that win rate has been reduced to a pathetic six percent.


And just imagine if this asshole and his had his/there shit together..................that's what scary

November 3, 2020 cannot get here fast enough.................

Ignoring historic floods, EPA's Wheeler says climate impacts are '50 to 75 years out'

Meanwhile, Nebraska, Mozambique, Malawi, and Zimbabwe are all underwater.
MAR 20, 2019, 11:56 AM

In his first televised interview since being confirmed as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Andrew Wheeler said, “most of the threats from climate change are 50 to 75 years out.” However, major scientific reports, coupled with the rise in catastrophic fires, floods, and heatwaves around the world, contradict this statement.

In fact, the very first line of the government’s own National Climate Assessment states, “The impacts of climate change are already being felt in communities across the country.”

It’s unclear to what extent Wheeler has read the assessment; during his confirmation hearing in January, he told lawmakers he was still waiting for additional briefings. He has also made similar statements in the past, stating climate change “is not the greatest crisis.”

During his Wednesday interview with CBS This Morning, Wheeler pivoted to drinking water. “What we need to do is make sure is that the people who are dying today from lack of having drinking water in third world countries, that problem is addressed,” he said.


Hey zippy, how did you come up with 50 to 75 years out, did you by some chance bring along your crystal ball and rub it....................you really are one sick asshole ............your about a day late as usual........................

Here's how Thomas Massie became the most Kremlin-friendly member of the House

He's dined with Maria Butina and voted against Russian sanctions: the Kentucky Republican picks up where Dana Rohrabacher left off.
MAR 20, 2019, 8:00 AM

For most of the last decade, former Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) held the title of the most Kremlin-friendly member of the House of Representatives. But with Rohrabacher’s loss in his reelection bid last year, a new contender has laid claim to the crown.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), first elected to represent Kentucky’s 4th District in 2012, may not be as bombastic as Rohrabacher or have as many colorful anecdotes about drunkenly arm-wrestling Russian President Vladimir Putin as the former California congressman. But he’s distinguished himself in the House for pushing and voting for Russia-friendly measures, time and again.

Massie did not respond to ThinkProgress’ request for an interview.

Widely considered one of the most prominent libertarian members of Congress, the Kentucky congressman made news last month as one of the few Republicans to vote against President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration, describing Trump’s national emergency plans as “overreach.”


The Blue Grass State......................to who Massie, who do you volunteer too exactly...........

November 3, 2020 cannot get here fast enough..................

sorry folks it has been corrected was thinking Tennessee for some reason....................

Trump making his 10th visit to Ohio, part of a 2020 strategy

Source: Associated Press

By ZEKE MILLER an hour ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is returning to the state that foretold his 2016 victory and serves as the linchpin of his re-election effort.

Trump’s visit to Ohio on Wednesday marks his first trip to the state since last year’s midterm election campaign , when the state was a rare bright spot for Republicans in the upper Midwest. But with Trump’s path to another four years in the White House relying on a victory in the state, his nascent campaign is mindful of warning signs that Ohio can hardly be taken for granted in 2020.

Perhaps no state has better illustrated the re-aligning effects of Trump’s candidacy and presidency than Ohio, where traditionally Democratic-leaning working-class voters have swung heavily toward the GOP, and moderate Republicans in populous suburban counties have shifted away from Trump. It’s for that reason, administration officials said, that Trump keeps returning to Ohio — this week’s visit marks his 10th to the state since taking office.

The visit is part of a 2020 Trump strategy to appear in battleground states in his official White House capacity as much as possible this year, said a person with knowledge of the plans who was not authorized to speak publicly. Trump is expected to make similar trips throughout the year as he seeks to boost enthusiasm to counter an energized Democratic base. It’s a strategy employed by previous presidents, both to leverage the prestige of office for political purposes and to offset the steep costs of presidential campaign travel with corresponding taxpayer-funded events.

Read more: https://apnews.com/4d62899f5d3845e3b9a7ce94218295e8

Hey Ohio, really ask yourself what this traitor has done for you, with his new fucking budget proposal, that he just submitted to Congress?

Any money for jobs in your neck of the woods, nope.
Any money for infrastructure work for bridges and roads, nope.
Any proposals for health care coverage, nope, but his son n-laws brother Josh Kusher has a plan for you called OSCAR.
That just for starters.

So what has he really done, whine about this and that ego of his, and him standing in front of a mirror saying, mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all, you know like a narcissistic psychopath.

But you have done one of many things for him....................
You get to pay for his plane rides down to Mar a Lago to play golf, and you get to pay for his plane rides to your neck of the woods, 10 fucking times, while his cronies at GM just fucked 14,000 workers because this asshole says among other things electric cars shouldn't get a tax break.
Maybe you can bring him to a fish fry, after all the EPA says the fish coming out of the Cuyahoga River are now just fine and dandy to eat, after all his EPA "guy" says its a-okay , because his EPA "guy" is a coal "guy"..........................

And just maybe there will be some people protesting this asshole being in your state................one can only hope so.................

GOP senators dodge voters after backing Trump over the Constitution

By Emily Singer - March 19, 2019

Congress is out on recess this week. But three vulnerable GOP senators up for re-election in 2020 appear to be hiding from their constituents.

This week is a district work period for members of Congress — better known as a recess week, when lawmakers head home to meet with constituents and get a feel for what the voters who sent them to Capitol Hill want to see them work on in the nation's capital.

Yet three vulnerable Republican senators up for re-election in 2020, who just voted to ignore the Constitution and uphold Trump's fake national emergency, have no public events listed for constituents to attend, according to a review of senators' official websites, campaign websites and social media accounts.

They include Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC), who at first came out strongly against Trump's national emergency declaration before fully capitulating to Trump and voting to uphold the emergency in an embarrassing flip-flop for the ages.


November 3, 2020 cannot get here fast enough......................

White House lied for months about cost of new Air Force One

By Emily Singer - March 19, 2019

The cost of two new Air Force One planes is $1.4 billion more than the White House initially said.

Trump has long touted his ability to lower the cost of two new Air Force One planes, puffing his chest and bragging that he got the cost of the new jets down to $3.9 billion.

However, Government Executive reports that the actual price tag for the Air Force One project is $5.3 billion, according to the fiscal year 2020 budget proposal the Pentagon submitted this week.

That's far, far higher than the $3.9 billion price Trump claimed to negotiate for the planes, and is actually higher than the initial $5 billion estimate the White House said the project would cost before Trump helped "negotiate" the price down.

Back in February 2017, when Trump first announced the deal, he bragged about his negotiating skills and how they helped save taxpayers money on the new Air Force One planes.


Appeals Court Gives Hostile Treatment To Trump Emoluments Lawsuit

March 19, 2019 3:30 pm

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — A federal appeals court on Tuesday grilled lawyers for the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia about their claims that President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution by accepting profits through foreign and domestic officials who stay at his Washington hotel.

A three-judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court Appeals expressed skepticism about claims in a lawsuit that alleges Trump is violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which prohibits federal officials from accepting benefits from foreign or state governments without congressional approval.

The judges repeatedly questioned lawyers for Maryland and the District about what they seek as a solution to their concerns about Trump’s business interests.

Judge Paul Niemeyer said Trump has pulled back from active management of the Trump International Hotel and questioned whether Trump divesting himself of the business would have any effect on whether dignitaries stay there, since it would likely remain in the Trump family.



Racine said that if Maryland and the District lose the appeal before the three-judge panel, they would seriously consider asking for a rehearing by the full court. He said it wouldn’t surprise him if the case ended up in the U.S. Supreme Court.

All three judges on the panel were nominated to the 4th Circuit by Republican presidents: Niemeyer, by George H.W. Bush; Shedd, by George W. Bush, and Judge A. Marvin Quattlebaum, by Trump.

Two other lawsuits accusing the president of violating the emoluments clause have been filed in other federal courts.

This is what happens when you pack courts with Federalist Society members: because after all, this is what Shedd said from the bench.....................

"Shedd also seemed skeptical of the lawsuit’s claim that Maryland and the District have suffered harm because more people would stay at their hotels if they weren’t eager to curry favor with the president by staying at Trump’s hotel. He said many people visit Washington to protest the Republican president’s policies and would be more likely to stay at his competitors’ hotels."

This is about corruption of a foreign power, which is in the Constitution........................

Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne Among Student Interns Listed On WH Economic Report

By Josh Boak
March 19, 2019 6:40 pm

WASHINGTON (AP) — This year’s Economic Report of the President credits an unusual group of interns that includes the alter egos of Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America, Monty Python alumnus John Cleese, Kathryn Janeway from “Star Trek: Voyager” and the corpulent Star Wars villain Jabba the Hutt.

These names are credited with helping to assemble the 711-page report issued Tuesday on the health of the U.S. economy and President Donald Trump’s economic agenda.

The names appear to be following a similar prank in the intern listing for the 2018 report, in which “Star Trek” luminaries James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard worked for the White House Council of Economic Advisers.

The Twitter account maintained by the council acknowledged the joke Tuesday afternoon.


This is not fucking funny........................right wing assholes.................

Lawmaker: Bill would extend the statute of limitations if a president is charged with a crime

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