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Trump has a lot to say about that crashed F-35 jet

By David McAfee
Published September 23, 2023 4:52PM ET

Ex-president Donald Trump found a way to attack Joe Biden and Boeing in an expansive rant about the recent Lockheed Martin F-35 crash on Saturday.

Trump, who was recently slammed by liberals and conservatives alike for a Truth Social post that mentioned the death penalty, took to his social media site once again to give his thoughts on the crash. The pilot in the plane parachuted to safety, and audio of his 911 call was published online.

Trump says he was right about the plane to begin with, and that everyone should have listened to him in the first place.


This wanna be aerospace genius has to fucking clue about the F-35 why it crashed and he has no clue why there is a single engine, because it was designed that way to cut down on costs and to save fuel consumption, he has no clue about the B737 and that history and he sure has hell has no clue about the B757 and the B767 having the same cockpit design for a reason, since I have worked on both aircraft for over 25 plus years and every aircraft that was designed and built by McDonnel Douglas, Boeing and Lockheed Martian and Rockwell International.

I bet he has no clue what the FADEC does, the control column stick shaker, the CDU, MCP, ACARS, he wouldn't know what a lower pressure turbine to a high pressure turbine, TCAS, GPWS, or for that matter MCAS or what a stall warning vanes are linked to the pitot tubes, elevator, flaps. I bet this traitor has no clue why the inlet cowls have a strip on the outside cowls on each side about two feet from the inlets, or what WOW means and what that means and intails......

I bet this "genius" has no clue that the Navy and Air Force version are different from the Marine Corps because of the hover capabilities and the ejection seat is automatic if there is a problem compared to the other 2 type planes

And finally he has to clue what the four aerodynamic forces that interact with a plane every time he lands, flies and takeoff and I bet he has no clue that when he gets on that B757-200 they have to weight and balance check so that he can take-off and not crash....because of his fat ass.....

I bet this wing nut has no clue that NASA is looking at Boeing for the blended wing concept to cut down on CO2 emissions or has its called the Boeing X body.

You should be worried about you going to jail.............

Oops! GOP Rep. Forced To Admit 'Unserious' COVID Almost Killed Him

Rep. Joseph Neguse (D-CO) did a masterful job of unmasking antivaxxer Clay Higgins’ pretense that COVID is not a real danger.

By NewsHound Ellen — September 23, 2023
Neguse began his questioning of Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA) by asking if he thinks COVID-19 is serious or dangerous.

Higgins responded by suggesting that anyone who thinks COVID is dangerous is a wuss, unlike his own big, bad, brave self. “I believe that perhaps the gentleman’s definition of danger might be quite different from mine,” Higgins said. He put COVID danger and concern “along the lines of the flu, far down my list of priorities” because, he said, he has “lived a life that stared danger in the eye many, many times and never resembled COVID."

“Got it,” Neguse said, amicably, “I appreciate your answer.” Then, without changing his cordial tone, Neguse read from an August, 2021 newspaper article with the headline, “Clay Higgins says COVID ‘almost killed me.’” One paragraph quoted Clay as saying, “There was a day there when I wasn’t sure y’all were going to have to tolerate me much longer. … I’ve never been knocked down that hard in my life.”



Hey Louisiana ......does this twit realizes that he had to get shots prior to him even getting into a school....you know like polio vaccine .....can he show the committee his grade school vaccines that he had to have....

Senators Pushing A Bill To Stop Government Shutdowns For Good

It's a long shot, but you never know.

By Susie Madrak — September 23, 2023
In light of the extremist performance art that takes place far too often, a bipartisan idea is gaining new traction in Congress: taking shutdowns off the table entirely. Via Politico:

Senators and House members began circulating a letter on Friday pushing legislation that would automatically fund the government past spending deadlines like Sept. 30. It’s a longshot, but if passed it would amount to a permanent end to shutdown threats. Addressed to top party leaders on both sides of the Capitol, the missive asks for floor votes on the effort in both the House and the Senate, according to a draft copy obtained by POLITICO.

There are several different proposals floating around the Capitol about ending shutdowns entirely, as Congress stares down a Sept. 30 deadline and a House GOP that seems incapable of passing any sort of solution. But one bipartisan proposal from Sens. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) and James Lankford (R-Okla.) has at least some bipartisan buy-in, a signal of senators’ increased frustration with Speaker Kevin McCarthy and the House gridlock.


David McCormick Says He Lives In PA But Flight Records Show Otherwise

What is it with Pennsylvania and carpetbaggers?

By Ed Scarce — September 22, 2023
Flying regularly from his $16mil mansion in Connecticut to Pennsylvania on one of his four planes he has access to is nothing new for the former hedge fund manager and man of the people, David McCormick. What is new, however, is the scrutiny he'll be under as he just threw his hat into the ring for the Senate seat in Pennsylvania against Bob Casey. May he have as much success as Mehmet Oz did against John Fetterman.

Source: Vanity Fair

Through the marvel that is modern air travel, a candidate for public office is no longer confined to living in the state they hope to serve in. This relatively new phenomenon appears to be a godsend for David McCormick, a Republican who reportedly now lives in a Connecticut mansion but is poised to run for US Senate in Pennsylvania, where he appears to have chartered a number of private planes to promote his political bid.

Federal Aviation Administration records list McCormick as a co-owner of four Pilatus PC-12s operated by PlaneSense, a fractional aircraft ownership program. According to Flightradar24, on Monday morning, one of those planes flew from Bridgeport, Connecticut, to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where McCormick visited the state capitol. There, he was reportedly spotted talking with Doug Mastriano, the Capitol riot participant who was defeated in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial election last year. After a few hours of glad-handing, the same plane took off from Harrisburg back to Bridgeport. Per Flightradar24 data provided to Vanity Fair, on August 9, another plane operated by PlaneSense flew from Bridgeport to Allegheny County, where McCormick attended a local Republican function the following day. Three days later, another PlaneSense plane flew from Allegheny County to Bridgeport, and McCormick proceeded to tear into Pittsburgh, the city he publicly claims as his place of residence.
Okay he has to claim residency for taxes.....


Okay lets ask him about the taxes he pays to be a resident....

Taylor Swift Registers 35,000 Voters In One Week

Taylor Swift asked fans to register to vote and did they ever.

By Laura Clawson — September 22, 2023
Taylor Swift is currently one of the biggest stars in the country. She is still on her record-breaking “Eras” tour, ranks as the second-most-played artist on Spotify this year, and, in July, scored the biggest week of sales for an album this year with “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).” She’s using that cultural clout to urge her fans, known as “Swifties,” to register to vote.

Swift posted an Instagram story on Tuesday, marking National Voter Registration Day.

“I’ve been so lucky to see so many of you guys at my US shows recently,” she wrote. “I’ve heard you raise your voices, and I know how powerful they are. Make sure you’re ready to use them in our elections this year!”


Biden's FTC Goes After Private Equity Medical Monopolies

They're driving up costs everywhere, just like they did with housing.

By Susie Madrak — September 22, 2023

Any time someone starts lecturing me about how Joe Biden is a corporatist who is only concerned about protecting big business, I ask, "Then why did he make Lina Khan the head of the Federal Trade Commission?"

I mean, come on, she's going after Google. And Amazon. And now she's going after private equity for their role in medical monopolies. I f*cking LOVE Lina Khan.

Private equity guys don't:


Trump's 'kinda genius' move with striking auto workers panics Democrats

By Adam Nichols
Published September 20, 2023, 9:59 AM ET

Donald Trump is causing panic among Democrats who think he “scooped” President Joe Biden by announcing he's flying to Michigan to speak with striking auto workers.

The trip is being seen as a “plainly cynical ploy to gain political advantage from the current United Auto Workers strike,” Politico reported.

And making a move to win support from a bloc of voters that’s traditionally Democrat has the party worried.


This article and its first sentence is well full of it....instead of gaslighting the situation....it should have said that Trump is a full fledge scab freeloading jerk.....he hired scabs to tear down a building in New York that had historical facades and interior, he has stiffed workers and private contractors....he is a dead beat and if any union members is pissed off about electric cars....ask yourself do you support a scab or president/senator that supports union workers......


'Pioneer Woman' lifestyle blogger's family benefited from grisly massacre shown in new Scorsese film

By Travis Gettys
Published September 20, 2023, 10:53 AM ET

"The Pioneer Woman" Ree Drummond may have benefited from the Osage massacre depicted in the upcoming Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio film "Killers of the Flower Moon."

The lifestyle blogger and TV personality is married into the Drummond family, which began growing wealth through dealings with the Osage people generations ago in Oklahoma and are now among the top 100 landowners in the country.

But a recent report shines light on her family's part in that dark history, reported The Oklahoman.


My feelings are that no amount of money will correct the harm that the white immigrants have causes the Firsts nations people...

Trump team already has 1,000-page manifesto outlining what to do if he wins White House: report

By Matthew Chapman
Published September 20, 2023, 11:28 AM ET

If former President Donald Trump retakes the White House in 2024, he will already have a policy team ready to go with extensive plans for remaking the federal government in his image.

That's because the far-right Heritage Foundation has already recruited a number of former Trump administration staffers to lay out a blueprint for the next Republican administration, reported Bloomberg News.

According to the report, Heritage has tapped several former senior Trump administration leaders, like former Office of Management and Budget chief Russell Vought, White House deputy chief of staff Rick Dearborn, former Office of Legislative Affairs director Eric Ueland, and former Trump adviser John McEntee lay out policy proposals for Trump taking office a second time.


If anyone thinks that Citizens United and the assholes that helped implement that Fascists BS and that money is free speech it is not.....they have decided all by themselves to write a 1000 page doctrine to explain that they are fascists and Citizen United is helping them achieve that goal for the authoritative state....

Boebert On Beetlejuice-Gate: I Have 'An Animated Personality'

That's a weird way to frame it.

By Conover Kennard — September 17, 2023

Controversial Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert tried to defend her latest scandal by blaming the media. She said that many things are happening in the world, and yet the media focused on the footage of her groping her male companion in a family-friendly theater while blowing vape smoke at a pregnant woman. Oh, and her boyfriend was all over her new breasts. But sure, it's the media's fault.

"We just had Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the House, announce an impeachment inquiry yesterday," BoBo said. "We're facing a government shutdown and trying to fund the federal government."

"We have a wide-open southern border," she falsely said. "We have Zelenskyy threatening to send refugees here."


What you did in the Denver Buell theater at a public venue that was recorded by the theater security .... I just don't think its "Animated Personality" ....its what some call "lewd acts".......maybe .....
I just wonder if there is a law on the books for what was seen in Colorado, across the country and in Denver County.....there probably is.....
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