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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 5,832

Journal Archives

What about the prison system?

If Covid-19 makes it into prisons, its going to be horrific given the close quarter conditions.

Biden has the potential to win all the states this evening.

I'm not sure how Senator Sanders can come back from that.
I suspect he won't t suspend until he gets to debate Biden.

Every state should make it as easy as Washington state

People driving in and dropping their ballot. That's the way to go. It also helps for Covid-19.

I think Biden will win Michigan.

Sanders is underperforming in most counties where he had an advantage last time against Hilary Clinton.

Senator Sanders going home to Vermont this evening.

I wonder what this means. Huddling up with his staff to reshape their strategy ?

Holy mackerel ! Even if Bernie wins California by a landslide

Biden still come out with more delegates after tonight. Kornacki just did the math for the worst case scenario for Biden where only Sanders is viable in California. Biden ran the tables in so many other places that he comes out ahead.

California early returns.

Bernie 27, bloomberg 20. Biden 17.

Bernie will likely win it but its three viable candidates so
I don't think he will get the huge haul he needed.

California too early to call.

Very interesting. This means it's not a Bernie's blowout or they would have called in immediately.

Biden was lifted up by the African American voters, not the "establishment".

Bernie and his campaign are railing against the "establishment" saying they were helping to support Biden.

Its utter bullshit.

Biden was struggling, had no money and as nichole wallace said on msnbc , would have been left like a roadkill on the side of the road if it had not been for Clyburn and the African American community coming in and lifting him up.

It was only at this stage post South Carolina that the more traditional Democrats started to endorse. It has now mushroomed into a roller coaster.

Bernie effect or Beto effect ?

Texas is reporting twice the participation rate of Latinos in the primaries compared to previous time.
Is it favoring Bernie who has made inroads in the latino community as seen in Nevada or is it the Beto effect after he endorsed Joe Biden ?
I've no idea. They are reporting it's mainly from the Houston and Austin suburbs. It will be interesting to see what it is.
No matter what, if the latino community comes out in November we may flip Texas. 🙂🙂
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