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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 5,698

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Who will be the Goldwater to go tell Trump "its over Mr President" ?

Nixon resigned after a delegation led by Goldwater uttered these famous words. Is there anybody today in the GOP with enough gumption to do so ?

President Biden sets a clear tone for the justice department.

After discussing the events of yesterday and Trump's desecration of our instiutions he did not hesitate to label those that participated domestic terrorists . He also remarked how different the response would have been if it was a BLM protest.

This led him to discuss the the department of justice was created in 1870 to enforce reconstruction.

The choice of his appointees is right in line with this . Garland who prosecuted domestic terrorism, Gupta a prominent civil rights lawyer and monaco who has decades of experience in the justice department and amongst other things led cyber security at the department when it was first created.

He made it clear they wont be working for him but the people.

At the same time he implicitely gave a green light for the department to agressively prosecute domestic terrorism and civil right violations. A direct shot across the bow to militias and white supremacists.

Its going to be interesting to say the least.

Jim Hines (D) makes a terrifying observation.

He rightfully points out that the capitol security is sorely lacking. As he puts it we were not attacked by a militia group with military training. It was just a disorganized mob.
I shudder to think what bloodbath it could have been if trained operatives attacked the capitol. We better seriously beef up security.

Nashville Bombing, grid infrastructure and cyber attacks.

I am wondering if any security expert has commented on TV about the intersection of all these things. Recent hacks have exposed a lot of government agencies and fortune 500 companies.
For years we have known that grids like energy or communication are vulnerable. The Nashville explosion appears to have disabled part of the ATT network there. Whether this was the goal or not is unknown.
However if it was, one might ask whether or not knowledge about where to strike was gathered by hacking.

we can turn the repubs complaints about voting machines around.

Now would be a perfect time to say, ok we should go full paper ballots everywhere. I would be happy with that.

Did Trump gaslight himself and is convinced he won ?

Did what started as grifting turned into delusion ? Some often attribute to Trump a devious and genius con mind (not smart, just primal instincts at the con game) . I am wondering if even that is untrue. He may just be tilting at windmills completely delusional. After all he surrounds himself with such people.

How do we break this cycle ?

Toomey is trying to cut the ability of the feds to help in the financial crisis as part of letting the bill for covid relief pass.

We already went fron 3.3 trillions to 900 billions, agreed to drop aid to states, cut stimulus payments to $600.00, unemployement checks to $300.00 .

Republicans know we might yield on that too. They are ununcumbered by conscience, we are not and the gop has learned to take advantage of it.

Honestly, im not sure how we get out of this situation. If we yield, we enable them, if we dont people who desperately need help quick get hurt.

I bet the Trump admin is hindering Pfizer vaccine distribution

because they did not bow to dear leader and refused to be part of warp speed unlike Moderna who just got approval tonight.
Its probably another petty bullshit move .

Whoaa Biden is not mincing words

He is making it clear that the actions of those who took part in the texas lawsuit were inconscionable.

I think the Trump admin threatening the fda to approve vaccine

even thought they were going to do it tomorrow was done on purpose. They want to put doubt into people's minds in order to screw up the vaccination. Its in the interest of the gop to try to sabotage the incoming Biden administration in order to get fodder for the 2022 midterm elections.

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