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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,935

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trump keeps gaining in polls despite crasy statements

Since it keeps working, he has to up the ante every time.

I fully expect that next, he will be saying we should use a nuclear bomb to wipe some of the muslim countries.
Earlier on MSNBC they were interviewing some of his supporters. One said that we should bomb indiscriminately in sirya because the can "reproduce" and will generate more terrorists. Basically, advocating for mass genocide. Yet, the interviewer did not call her on that. This is unthinkable.

I have never heard such hateful rhetoric before on mainstream media

So, I have Sirius XM and earlier I was listening to CNN while driving to work.

They had two repubs and an author of a book about islamophobia on the panel. I could not believe the kind of rhetoric the repubs were spewing on CNN. It is now apparently mainstream to say things like the "vast majority" of muslims support ISIS...

To his credit, the anchor pushed back hard and ask the guy to produce sources backing this claim. When he could not he fell into a rage instead.

On a separate instance, they had Trump on MSNBC being interviewed in regards of the statements he made about having all muslims forbidden to enter the US. Trump started to make completely insane statements such that the administration had a policy where we would implicitely deny refugee status to christian syrians but allow it for muslim syrians. Of course, its total nonsense and the anchor flatly said it was a lie and asked trump does it matter to you that it is not the truth ? They went a it for a few minutes.

What I find remarkable besides the level of hateful rhetoric that we are now seeing is that the mainstream media journalists are now pushing back and flat out calling out lies. Even Chuck Todd did that the other day.

I wonder if Trump managed to get our media to grow a spine again and start calling out nonsense which they stopped doing years ago in order to keep the ratings high.

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