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drray23's Journal
drray23's Journal
May 27, 2017

what happened to chris hayes ?

Usually he is meek and lets the rwingers walk all over him when interviewing them. This evening he was tearing up kushner. then gianforte and in particular shane scanlon, gianforte's spokeperson.
He basically said that that press release was a total lie, that scalon should apologize for it. He also said that if scanlon also said that to the cops its a crime. If Gianforte takes scanlon with him to congress, nobody will believe a word of what he says since he was willing to lie to cover his boss committing an assault..

May 14, 2017

from Fox News to the Golf Channel

I have noticed an interesting phenomenon in my little town in rural southeastern virginia. This week this is the third business I go into that is playing the golf channel. The mechanic, the local dq and the local breakfast joint. All of them used to play Fox News 24/7 .

May 11, 2017

Chaffetz asks justice IG to investigate Comney's firing.

chaffetz asks justice inspector general to invest Comney's firing

I can not understand what caused Chaffetz to suddenly go all Rambo on Trump .

Maybe they attempted to threaten him and he is hitting back ?

May 11, 2017

on rachel she is talking about mccabe.

When he was then deputy director he went and told priebus that the ny story about foreign intelligence services passing info to the fbi about trump's collusions was BS.. The white house then enlisted nunne and burr to go tell the media that there was nothing there.. We all remember that debacle.

mccabe is now the acting fbi director. How do we think that investigation is going to.proceed ? If congress does not act the whole thing is going to be buried.

Its now a race between the investigation, the issuing of subponea, grand jury action and the attempt to kill the investigation.

May 10, 2017

i did not get the memo about power suits..

Watching the news and its the 4th senator I see wearing a black suit with vertical white pinstripes.

May 10, 2017

they were showing comey's plane taxiing and then taking off.

At this stage, I was fearing we would see that plane blow up on take off. I dont put anything like this past Trump. I think he is moving quickly towards a Putin's style of governance..

May 7, 2017

Exit poll 65.9 and 66.4 for macron !

Polls just closed. First exit polls show a big victory for macron

May 5, 2017

At the eve of the french election le pen destroyed in the debate with macron

There was a televised debate wednesday on french tv between Le Pen and Macron. It turned into a disaster for the front national and their candidate. She was unable to articulate a coherent message on anything of importance.

Her strategy, not unlike Trump was to fling insults at Macron. This backfired as he was able to recenter the debate on issues such as the place of France in Europe and its political and economic ties. Macron, being a former economy minister was in control of the subject unlike Le Pen who was just spouting prepared slogans.

Amongst the front national there is now the perception that this election was a missed opportunity and they are focusing on trying to get to 40 % ( currently polls have it at 63 macro 37 le pen ) in order to salvage enough momentum for the legislative ( equivalent of our mid term congress elections ).

One amongst the many replies Macron used during the debate :

Vous ne proposez que du vent aux salariés, vous profitez de la détresse des gens, vous jouez avec leurs colères, vous leur mentez»

You are just making empty promise to the workers, you exploit people's distress, you play with their anger , you lie to them.

Direct, with no sugarcoating. He also dubbed her " la grande pretresse de la peur" , the high priestress of fear...

my prediction ? Macron will get over 60 % of the votes sunday.

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