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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 5,824

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found a better link.

its around 7:25. indeed, it does sound like us. You guys judge for yourself. Its in response of a question about what mccain said.

So they are looping the same footage over and over of protesters clashing against each other

To make the case it was violence on "both sides". What about showing pics and footage of white supremacists doing the Nazy salute or yelling heil trump why wearing maga hats ?

There is so much footage of blatantly racist stuff, all they can show are people tugging at a protest sign..

its hard to organize.

I am a little depressed here. For days we have been working hard getting ready for today. Here in Virginia, we have elections november 7 of this year. Its not only gubernatorial, its also for state house delegates.

Usually, we struggle to even get candidates. This year we had three dems competing. Our candidate Rebecca Colaw (hd 64) is excellent. She has been really engaged, knocking doors, going to meet people everywhere.

Her opponent has little experience other than having a R besides her name. We feel we can win it.

So, big mobilization. I secure an office, access to the VAN and work with other volunteers to setup canvassing. We have a regional organizer coordinating all of us. This morning its a rainstorm of epic proportion in all the locations where we have field organizers. Nobody shows up...

We are going to try for next week but it is really hard to get even strong democrats to come and canvass. Those that do volunteer they just want to sit and place phone calls. In order to really make a difference you have to pound the pavement...

Not sure how to motivate people even though many sound fired up compared to previous off years. Oh well, time to think up of more creative ways ..

whoaa could not believe what i heard.

nicole wallace is discussing the statement by medvedev saying that Trump got outplayed by congress and is weak and impotent. She said that it got to hurt because we know how much he cares about the size of his ears...😁😁😁

Gary Kasparov is considering coming out of retirement!


He is going to play in a fide rated tournament this year at the Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz tournament for the first time since 2005.

"Ready to see if I remember how to move the pieces! Will I be able to announce my re-retirement afterward if not?!", he tweeted.

How exciting (at least for the geeks amongst us who play chess) !

Nice summary of the healthcare votes


I think dean heller made a big mistake voting yes on the skinny bill after he was a no on the two previous votes. He is likely going to get kicked out of the senate in 2018.

Lol. Ari Melber just called scarramucci a studio gangster.nt.

Lol. Lawrence o donnel asked joe pecci to read scarramucchi's interview with New Yorker..nt.

first attempt to repeal and replace failed 43 to 57


edit: this was a motion to proceed on repeal and replace.

spicer has more integrity than sessions. who would have guessed ?

I cant believe it. I thought Spicer had sold his soul to Trump and would grovel and take the abuse like Sessions did. He had enough integrity left to just resign instead of being humiliated by Trump.
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