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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 5,832

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when i learned about the 8th guy in don jr meeting

it dawned on me that the true purpose of that meeting was to setup a funding stream of laundered russian money. It all falls together. Remember, Kushner also met the alfa bank guy, there was this misterious trump tower computer transacting with alfa bank , etc..

The whole gop was on the take which explains their behavior..

Rachel is laying it out clearly.

i guess we could learn from bernie on messaging..

So, guess who is on all in with ari melber taking a victory lap about the health care bill demise, yeap Bernie. He is much better at hammering a message than our democratic leaders. As far as I could see, the gop efforts were largely twarthed by the grass root organizations who mobilized heavily. I did not see Bernie there at the forefront any more than schumer or others.

if senator mc cain retires do we have a competitive democratic candidate for the seat?

I am not wishing any ill health to Mc Cain, I hope he recovers. However, if he does decide to retire , do we have any hope of getting that seat in 2018 or whenever the arizona law says that the seat must be put up for elections ?

Pundits Need to stop asking this stupid question

I keep hearing them wondering why the Trump administration does not come clean and put all the info out to avoid the drip drip and put it behind them.

You would think the answer is obvious. They don't because the truth is worse than the drip drip. They are traitors fully embroiled with the Russians politically, financially, via compromat, etc..

Apparently these pundits think it's a typical D.C. Scandal you can treat using the usual PR methods.

Whoaa so now we learn there were actual spies in the don jr meeting

it turns out that a lobbyist who is a former Russian counter intelligence officer ( not sure there is such a thing as former...) and another unidentified man billed as a translator.

this changes everything. It's hard to make the case that it was not collusion..

on Lawrence , Bob Inglis (r) south carolina

is all but calling for impeachment, trashing fox news by calling them sycophants, etc..
I am surprised we still have republicans like that. I should add he is a former congressman, having been tea partied out of congress.

un discours remarquable du directeur general de dannone.


slowly, the tide is turning.

I think we are seeing a shift which will eventually snowball into Trump being kicked out ir resigning.

For example, even on Fox News , Cavuto was saying the president's clearly attempted to derail the Flynn investigation. Scarborough also has turned on Trump.

This morning, Susan Collins was interviewed on CNN and she did not attempt to defend Trump, clearly said he was interfering with the investigation. When asked whom to believe she was clear that Comey was the one to believe..

There are signs the voters too are pushing back. We will know for sure in a few days if Ossof wins GA-6. If he does, it will be a strong signal of what is to come. The next data point we will have is the gubernatorial and state elections in my home state of Virginia this fall.

It may take until 2018 and the dems retaking the house, but we are getting there.

Lawrence O'Donnel just said he will be right here next week

And the next two years talking about what Trump does. it must mean he got his contract renewed !

what happened to chris hayes ?

Usually he is meek and lets the rwingers walk all over him when interviewing them. This evening he was tearing up kushner. then gianforte and in particular shane scanlon, gianforte's spokeperson.
He basically said that that press release was a total lie, that scalon should apologize for it. He also said that if scanlon also said that to the cops its a crime. If Gianforte takes scanlon with him to congress, nobody will believe a word of what he says since he was willing to lie to cover his boss committing an assault..

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