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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 5,824

Journal Archives

Lol Tucker Carlson is who they chose to fill O'Reilly slot.

He is not exactly the brightest bulb in the room..

Devin Nunes and the alpha omega winery.

Given the pattern that most of Trump's sycophants are connected one way or another with Russia , one must wonder whether this is the case for Nunes. After all, he is not very wealthy (according to house finance disclosure forms).

It turns out that most of his assets are tied in the alpha omega winery. One of the investors alongside him is a major russian wine distributor with close ties to Putin..


I think it would be faster to list which of Trump's associates are not connected with Russia. It would make for a shorter list.

If Trump said the earth is flat, would congressional republicans agree to investigate NASA ?

After all, this is what they want to do regarding the Obama wiretapping nonsense.

I am trying to guess how far Trump would go.

So, he is completely out of control. So far he has denigrated the judicial system and now the press. It is getting closer and closer to what a tin pot dictator would do. Vladimir Putin is widely suspected of ordering/having ordered the murder of political opponents. Trump made it pretty clear he is fine with Putin and admire his leadership skills..

Every day, Trump gets more frustrated as his administration careen out of control. I am worried that he is crazy enough to consider the unthinkable. If he did, would there be anybody in his administration to tell him to stop ?

So the nominee for labor

Is a wife beater apparently. Trump really knows how to hire staff...

They have a lot of young bright democrats in Washington state.

Between bob ferguson the attorney general and Noah Purcell the solicitor general it's refreshing to see that we have young blood getting elected. Now, if we could translate that to the federal level we would be doing well.

Bob ferguson washington state attorney general

Was being interviewed on o'donnel show by harry melber (who was subbing for o'donnel) regarding the 9th circuit court hearing that took place earlier. I am impressed by how smart and confident ferguson is. We have do many bright young democrats.

If the Arab spring led to dictators being overthrown

We ought to be able to reject Trump. In many of these countries they started off with a dictator in control who would kill them in the street. Trump is nowhere yet entrenched like that. If we keep it up and act forcefully he will either get impeached, have to resign or die from a heart attack.

American carnage

This is how Rachel Maddow led her segment about the inauguration... To most metal fans it was the slayer/megadeath/testament tour. To all americans it us now the 2017 Trump inauguration...

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