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drray23's Journal
drray23's Journal
June 13, 2018

I can't believe it ! That propaganda video the white house made.

Trump thinks he is taping a new episode of the apprentice. I can't believe it. It's incredibly cheesy , has the production value of a WWF fight night announcement. How low have we fallen if there was not anybody in the white house staff who could have said how fucking bad it is and put a stop to it.

June 13, 2018

Just heard on Hayes a dem Congress woman

Describing her visit to a federal prison with women seeking asylum. I can't even describe it without getting upset. Basically, what's going on with ice has very strong resemblance with the likes of pol pot, Stalin or Hitler. Same tactics. Separating kids from their mothers telling them they are going for a shower, putting these people in cells that are not heated with stale rusty water coming from a sink as their only source of water, putting them in cages, etc....
The United States is turning into a brutal dictatorship and Congress is doing nothing, most Americans can't be bothered to get informed or worse, believe the Trump propaganda that it's all fake news. Those are the exact same things that happened in 1920's Germany.

May 30, 2018

Racism in America on msnbc

Is a really good show. Unfortunately, I fear people who need to see this won't watch it or just dismiss it as liberal propaganda.

May 25, 2018

Rachel is painting Elliot Broidy selling corruption outright.

He would give administration jobs to people who ask for it (like the wife of a congressman) . They would send their wish list, he would make it happen. He also got paid to get the justice department to drop a big lawsuit (which they did) etc.. It's Boris Yeltsin level of corruption. You have money, you can get lawsuits dropped, buy an ambassadorship or the like...

May 16, 2018

So the Trump crime family has gotten near 1 billion so far.

Qatar gave a 182 miillion loan to kushner, the Chinese nearly 500 millions to a project from the Trump organization and Trump got 0.5 % (282 millions) bribe for having lifted sanctions on Russia allowing the rosneff deal to go forward.

Who knows what else they got that we have not heard about yet?

Trump may yet make his first actual billion by abusing his position as president...

May 10, 2018

Ridiculous arguments about torture after 911

So, I heard several commentators including senator Manchin excusing Haspel and the use of torture after 911 by arguing that we were all traumatized after the event and were trying to prevent it from happening again, it was exceptional circumstances, etc.. It won't happen again because we learned the lesson.

I find this argument shocking. First off, we did not learn anything. During ww2 we locked up american Japanese, during Vietnam we massacred and napalmed civilians. After 9/11 We tortured people.

The whole point of having a strong moral compass (which Haspel claims she does) is that you stick to it in trying times when it's tested. It's easy to claim high moral standards, what matters is whether your behavior is consistent with it even when hell break loose.

Why should we believe Haspel that she won't fold like a cheap suit and revert to it at the next crisis ? Heck, she is not even confirmed, Cheney is already calling to resume the torture program.

May 9, 2018

Basically if you are ever in a lawsuit facing avenatti

You should just settle from the get go or you are in deep trouble. This guy is going to bring down the Trump mafia all by himself.

April 17, 2018

Michael Clayton. A better fixer than Cohen.

This saga going on with Michael Cohen reminded me of an excellent movie from 2007 where George Clooney plays a lawyer who is a fixer for a big corporate law firm.

It's on Netflix, worth watching. Reality is catching up to fiction. Of course I have no doubt that privileged people always had means to get out of trouble we peons dont.

It's just interesting to see it played out in public on evening news .

March 14, 2018

ah! 847 votes ahead and absentees still not counted.

Its in the bag for conor lamb baring any shenneningans.

March 10, 2018

White house is money laundering central.

Rachel is exposing a scheme whereas a Trump donor (elliot broidy) was trying to get 75 millions to get the justice department to drop the investigation into the prime minister of Malaysia who is at the center of a 4.5 billion dollars theft and money laundering scheme. Guess why Trump met with that prime minister recently..

That guy Broidy is managing the Trump victory fund and is also the deputy finance chair for the rnc.

Check out @ALT_uscis’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/ALT_uscis/status/969951920742981634?s=09

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