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drray23's Journal
drray23's Journal
October 28, 2021

So what's the status with Bannon and the contempt of Congress ?

Congress voted to hold him in Contempt on the 21st of October. What's next ? Does congress have to formally refer that to the DOJ and did they do so? What's the timeline on the DOJ announcing they will pursue charges ? Does this typically take days, weeks, months ?

October 26, 2021

Once we close the deal on the reconciliation bill

and I have no doubt we will get there, I think the attention will shift on the voting rights bill. If President Biden can achieve that, his first terrm will be a resounding success. Very few presidents have passed so many consequential bills in their first term.

October 14, 2021

past the point of no return.

I am convinced that even if by some miracle Trump stood up and said I lost and the big lie about the election being rigged was just that, a lie in order to keep my base motivated and donating, his followers would not believe it.

They would say Trump is being forced to say so. Recently Trump meekly said at a rally that he was vaccinated and you should too. His followers completely rejected that.

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