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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,940

Journal Archives

so Keri lake the Arizona maga candidate for governor

is getting trounced by Robson.

Get ready for Lake to claim the vote was rigged. She is an hardcore election denier.

Robson is endorsed by Doocey and Pence. Lake is Trump's candidate..

is there legal exposure for groups who deliberately lie to trick people

in how they cast their vote ? In Kansas a republican outfit was texting voters to tell them to vote YES to protect abortion rights which is a bald faced lie. It's actually the opposite that's true.
Can this be considered election fraud ?

whoa so far in Kansas no is 70 percent !

meaning people want abortion rights to be protected by the Kansas constitution. It's early results in one of the big counties.

so there are ten or so IGs that were Trump nominees

Why the hell are they still here ? We are starting to see the consequences of trying to "restore the norms" in the executive branch. Those guys should have been kicked out on day 1.

Case in point, the DHS IG who dropped the investigation into those text messages he started back in February. Five months later when every republican was back behind Trump again, he drops the investigation.

We are also finding that pentagon texts from key officials also were deleted.
It's a wide cover up and we ate trying to play by the rules of pre Trump Era .

It's so infuriating, just purge the whole executive branch of any Trump holdover. We can't trust them

I wish journalists would follow up when they interview

moron trumpers. One woman I saw interviewed said she probably won't vote for Trump again despite all the good things he has done for us????

I keep hearing that and I've yet to see an interview when they are asked point blank which good things ?
What did Fox News convince them of ?
During Trump term , no major legislation was passed because he was so inept.

Mostly it was riling up his base via executive orders, stupid statements, pulling out of treaties and of course stealing Supreme court seats.

What qualifies as good things for those morons whose Trump probably despise ?

watching the president announce al Zawhari was eliminated

it's a little concerning he has his back to an open area where you can see car traffic passing by. It could be within range of a sniper.

I maybe paranoid but there are many bad actors who hate the president.

Trump vs the United States

So , if Trump gets indicted I am assuming the party involved would be the United States since it would be for a federal crime.

What does this means legally ? Say, if the trials and appeals drag into another administration does it continue or does the new administration/AG need to explicitly do so ?

if the DOJ indicts Trump how does it work in practice ?

Let's assume the DOJ does indict Trump. It takes a while to go to trial, and then wind its way through the various appeals if there is any.

If this drags on past 2024 and we lose the presidency, can the next DOJ decide to drop the case and stop defending it in appeals?

If that's the case is not there limited time to indict, go to trial and go through all the appeals before 2025 or do I misunderstand the process?

so the deleted SS texts are from 24 agents

If they want to get to the bottom of this, subponea all 24 of them and interview them under oath separately about whether or not they texted what and whom on jan 5 and 6th. Put the pressure on them.

on edit: what makes it even more damning is the small number affected. It is hard to argue that it was a technical oversight during the cellphone transition that was the cause of the deletions. It would have affected tens of thousands of people (there is about 22,000 employees in the SS). Oddly enough its just 24..

Another potential messaging disaster

So , the democratic party messaging is vote to give us two more senators and we will codify roe and also possibly pass voting rights law.

This is only one but the necessary steps. If we don't keep the house we won't be able to deliver even with 52 senators. All bills passed by the house are dead if they aren't passed by the senate in the same congress.

After November we will have to pass those bills again in the house and then the senate.

I can see a scenario where we do get the senate but not the house and can't deliver. This will backfire and voters who don't follow the process on how laws get passed will blame democrats again for not delivering.

The message should be give us more senators and vote for the house as well.

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