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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,994

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Are we sure that there are currently 48 democratic senators

willing to get rid of the filibuster provided we get to 52 on November making it 50 ?
We have been blocked by Manchin and Sinema but if we win more seats are we gonna run into another bump or do we already know ? I

trump strategy to avoid prosecution is flooding the zone

Apparently he corrupted so many people, commited so many crimes that the Jan 6 commitee could spend years unearthing more crimes , the DOJ could spin forever trying to get it all. When is it enough ? There are already so many crimes that they uncovered, they could focus on a few of these, do a solid ironclad investigation and indict. Why wait until they find everything ?

How do we measure the effect of the Jan 6 committee hearings ?

So I was driving home and listening to CNN. Jake tapper was interviewing somebody about a new poll gauging whether or not people think Trump broke the law to attempt ro steal the 2020 elections.
They were saying that the number of people who think Trump did has not changed at all , still at the same 46 % from a few months ago.

Yet they were saying a majority of people were paying close attention to those hearings ( 51 % of Republicans for example).

That is quite disappointing if true. What the hell does it take to wake up apathetic voters ???

Alternatively, the way poll questions are crafted may affect the outcome significantly. I just can't believe how dumb people are if at this stage they still think Trump did nothing wrong.

I was skeptical at first that DOJ would indict Trump

but I'm not any longer . The January 6 committee is uncovering so much explosive stuff and flipping witnesses one at a time that it's literally going to be impossible for the DOJ to reach any other outcome than Trump and several of his entourage being indicted.

I am not sure if this would have been true absent the committee.

most of my household down with covid.

we are all vacced, boosted with the exception of our four year old granddaughter who was due for a shot in two weeks.

Daughter and Granddaughter came to visit. The granddaughter developed fever and cough and a consult with her pediatrician led to going to the ER.

She got treated for the fever and after a few days is back to normal. Our daughter had milder symptoms.

My wife had fever, dizziness, tiredness and ended up in the ER since she had potential risk factors and her Dr after a video consult told her to head there, get a blood test for liver function and got prescribed paxlovid. Apparently it could affect the liver ??

After four days she is almost back to normal but still tired.
Amazingly enough during the whole ordeal I stayed negative .

We did mask during the day and I rented a hotel room to sleep there at night and isolate. My daughter and granddaughter are isolating in our guest bedroom

Since I stayed negative I was running errands, getting food, etc..

Maybe I'm immortal .. My brother also never caught it even thought everybody around him did.

We are both vacced and boosted but still..
I wonder if some people are lucky to be less susceptible to it.

why we democrats lose the messaging

Whenever the going gets tough, we tear at each other instead of standing behind and supporting the president.

Case in point, MSNBC hosts, especially weekend hosts have guests on their shows going on about how democrats weren't prepared for the overturning of Roe vs Wade, how the president is somehow not waving a magic wand and fix this or that, how we are not getting rid of filibuster and a plethora of other simplistic suggestions like it's just a matter of doing this or that.

They are oblivious to the fact that the votes are not there and until we get more senators and hold the house, there is very little that can be done short of saturating the airwaves with get out the votes messages and reminding people what the GOP now stands for.

On the other side, you have a huge network of right wing media (Fox, OAN, radio , etc..) who are all pushing in the same direction to support the MAGATS.

how do you read a DU thread ?

Im curious as how you guys read a DU thread before contributing to it. Personally, I read or at least skim through all the existing posts in the thread before adding to it.

I've seen threads spinning out of control where it seems some posters completely ignore something upthread and post an angry response based on incomplete information or a misunderstanding which had been cleared up earlier in the thread.

I'm really curious as of whether or not the flurry of DOJ subpoenas

on the fake electors, the search warrant the fbi executed at Clark's house were planned before the hearings or not ?

I would think that the DOJ would need to dot the i's and cross the t's before raiding Clark's house for example so it would seem unlikely they decided when watching hearings a few days before.

But who knows ? is it that the DOJ felt pressure or that it just so happen they were ready to proceed and this coincided with the hearings ?
I guess they also may have decided to wait until hearings so that it's out in the open and they don't collide with the commitee ?

I can't wait to learn in the future what actually happened when somebody writes their memoir on the events of the day ..

Damm the entire gop congress was begging to get pardons

We are gonna need bigger jails at that rate...

in order to avert a repeat in 2024

those responsible for this coup attempt should be punished. It looks very likely that the DOJ is moving to indict several of them like Clark whose house was just raided by the fbi, Eastman, probably Rudy and a few of the prominent people in the fake elector scheme.

I am hoping they get to Trump himself. However if they don't, do you guys think that all the other prosecutions will have enough of a chilling effect to convince people not to go along with similar bullshit in 2024 lest they end up in jail ?

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