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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 6,930

Journal Archives

The Trump strategy to get away with crimes

Commit so many infractions that you overwhelm the system. Clog it by filling frivolous appeals.

Go from one scandal to another one by constantly spewing bullshit to keep the media off balance.

The poor DOJ and 1/6 committee keep having to issue more subpoena, talk to more witnesses because Trump and his crew raised the bar to a level that is order of magnitudes worse than Watergate.

Hopefully this will run to an end eventually and Trump will be caught. This strategy has worked all his life so far.

So what is the DOJ able to say on investigations?

Each time somebody posts here how frustrated they are that Trump or any of the big players are not being investigated, they are told that the DOJ would never divulge that anyway and therefore we should be patient and not worry. Fine, I can see the argument.

However, what are we then supposed to make of the fact that the deputy AG just publicly commented on the fact that prosecutors are looking at the fake elector debacle and considering whether to charge.

See for example this thread:


Why did the DOJ divulge that and yet has not taken similar steps on other investigations?

covid death count in Florida is suspicious

Today 3 dead, yesterday as well. Meanwhile they are posting tens of thousands of new cases and presumably have quite a few in the hospital. Their daily death count has been in the single digits for a while. This is strange considering that most other states have an order of magnitude more daily.
Maybe Floridians are super-duper resistant to covid?? More likely the reporting is suspicious.

question: When a bill does not pass during a specific congress does it have to be reintroduced

in the next congress or can it carry on ? Meaning if it passed the house but was not voted in by the senate.

Senator Schumer is not being fooled by McConnel offer

to move on reforming the electoral count process. He sees it clearly for what it is, a fake.
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