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CorporatistNation's Journal
CorporatistNation's Journal
December 31, 2015

"The Oligopolization of America" Corporatism Clearly Described In HRC MSM Pump Vs Bernie Blackout!

It is the Engineered Distraction of Shiny Objects such as Foreign Policy and Terrorism in contrast to the failure to address the issues MOST Important to MOST Americans such as Affordable Access to Quality Health Care, Income and Wealth Inequality, Access to Quality Education

The Essential Media Blackout of Bernie Sanders while Hillary Clinton has been "pumped" along with Trump represent The Means of Sustaining These Paradigms through the "Purchase" of Candidates who will Ensure their Continuation...

As America enters a new Presidential era.

Paradigms are preserved through the "Corporate Coddling" of certain politicians who are reliable in their support and advocacy of The Corporation's required objectives necessary to preserve said paradigms i.e., The Status Quo in return for all of that Corporate CA$H.

The Observer Brent Budowsky

"America today faces a grave and imminent danger of becoming an oligarchy ruled by a handful of individuals possessing and wielding vast sums of money to seize control of an interlocking directorate of American politics, American business and American media in ways that have nothing in common with the democratic dream envisioned by Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Adams.

What is most striking, fascinating and profound about the Bernie Sanders campaign—and the workers and small donors who are rallying to his cause—is the degree that he, and they, are battling against the oligopolization of America across the landscape of American politics and the American economy.

The lead story in The New York Times is titled: “For the Wealthiest, a Private Tax System That Saves Them Billions.” Mr. Sanders could not have said it better." SNIP

December 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton and MSM Just Like Two Peas In A Pod

If anyone is even remotely paying attention to the media be it on Network TV, On Line Media, Newspapers, or NPR it is obvious that Madison Avenue is hard at work "pumping" Hillary with an occasional "jab" for just good measure to trash Bernie...

After all, Hillary IS THE Presumptive Nominee... "Don't Ask Me No Questions, Just Shut Up And Get On Board!"

Nothing about policy comparisons with her Democratic Party rival, just the juvenile back and forth predominantly with the Donald... AND puff pieces to get US to find Hillary... More "Likable"

ANY mention of Bernie is most often something of a derogatory nature....

The Endless domination of ISIS/ISIL/Terrorism in the "News!"

Somehow Hillary is supposed to keep US "safer" than anybody else? Who is being played for the "sucker(s)" here? ________?

When people are afraid, they tend to make less than optimal decisions. Thus the quote most appropo from Hermann Goebbels, "Once you have them in fear, the rest is easy..."

The more WE play into the Fear Mongering on ALL sides, WE make it all the "easier" for THOSE whom WE detest e.g., "The Powers That Be" ...that control policy through their Establishment Candidates/Electeds to whom all of the HUGE $$$$'s are given...

In return for those eventual paybacks that such contributions engender.

Known nostalgically as
"Ye Ole Quid Pro Quo!."

http://www.dailyinfographic.com/the-illusion-of-choice-infographic Describing The American Media Oligopoly
"Ever wonder why every network is covering exactly the same stories every day? This is why.

Here are some "mentions" of Hillary on Yahoo just today: Funny, no mention of Bernie...




December 27, 2015

Bernie Sander's Stated Litmus Test For His SCOTUS Picks "Vote YES Overturn Citizens United"

It IS A Matter of TRUST. It is NOT about what they say, but rather what they do or have done...

Because in an election often what one candidate says is echoed by the other... Bernie takes a position... Hillary softly copies it in order to say that we do not differ on that issue.

In this circumstance which is common to THIS campaign, the thinking voter should rely on a candidate's history of keeping his or her word as a proper means of grading the veracity of a given candidates rhetoric/promises.

Bernie emphatically states that "Any candidate that he puts up for The Supreme Court of The United States MUST

publicly be unequivocal in their support to overturn Citizens United."

Hillary... ahhh... not so much... more fluff and promises amendment to overturn.... that would fall under the purview of Congress though she "ECHOES" what Bernie says on SCOTUS appointments.

The question then is one of integrity and the ability of a candidate to keep ones word over time is it not?

So who do you Trust to follow through on Campaign Finance Reform and Citizen's United if elected?

Bernie Sanders
• Collective Actions PAC

• BillionairesForBernie


Unaffiliated super PACs are different. The two pro-Sanders super PACs -- Collective Actions PAC and Billionaires for Bernie -- have no ties to Sanders or his campaign.

In fact, Sanders team has asked the unaffiliated super PACs to cut it out. Sanders’ lawyers "have told them to stop," said Michael Briggs, communications director for the Sanders campaign, referring to a cease and desist letter sent to one that formed recently.

Hillary Clinton
• Faith Voters PAC

• Balance of Power

• BillForFirstLady2016

• Priorities USA Action Affiliated Super PAC



Clinton’s pledge to use opposition to Citizens United as a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees echoes the stance taken by Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who is challenging her for the Democratic nomination.

“If elected president, I will have a litmus test in terms of my nominee to be a Supreme Court justice,” Sanders said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “And that nominee will say that we are all going to overturn this disastrous Supreme Court decision on Citizens United because that decision is undermining American democracy.

"I do not believe that billionaires should be able to buy politicians.”

Can we say a Direct Quote of Bernie Sanders from Hillary Clinton? Yes we can... Yes We Can!

WOW... From The Candidate MOST Favored by.... BILLIONAIRES? By The Numbers... $15,674,490

The point is "How does someone wrap their mind around supporting a candidate whose very words are antithetical even hypocritical (when you look at the CA$H), to her past actions not only with regard to SCOTUS appointments, but in so many other ways as well.

Campaign Finance is just ONE example of many, where flexible rhetoric/promises is what people have come to not only expect from Hillary Clinton but for her supporters to accept or just look the other way.

Hillary ALWAYS has to leave a door open.

The fascinating aspect in all of this is how her supporters have been deluded into accepting such a low bar for integrity from a Presidential candidate that they support. Is it just her pure celebrity? Her actual performance history? What is it?

When you look at her history from a reality based standpoint, cognitive dissonance coupled with celebrity and some degree of nostalgia would appear to provide at least a partial answer?


December 21, 2015

Bernie Explains DNC Data Breach and Hillary Says "We Should Just Move on..."

We Want ALL The Facts FIRST Hillary!

VIDEO: "Bernie Sanders Explains DNC Data Breach"

hint (Note Hillary Sign on front of DNC NGP VAN Bus) WTF? What more do ya need to see??? DNC In Da TANK fer Hillary!!

Hillary suggests that "We just Move on because the American people are not interested in this..." NOT TRUE Hillary...


How Come Nobody From NGP Has Been Fired???

THEN and ONLY THEN (After We Know All of The Facts...) THEN... WE CAN "Move on!"

From SALON: “Debbie Wasserman Schultz decision to breach the DNC contract, under which she is bound, in order to smear Sanders was opportunistic.

The contract required written notice of termination and a 10-day grace period to cure any alleged default. Clearly the DNC was in violation, not Sanders.

Because the contract put the onus for securing data on the DNC, it was liable for the breach as well. But the issue was bigger than mere contract law or political dirty tricks.

In suspending the vital operations of a presidential campaign, Schultz trespassed on the right of all citizens to FREE and FAIR elections. :

Democrats could ill afford to be seen condoning her actions. Nor could they afford to pay her bills. If she acted without authority she’d be liable for damages, but only if the party was as swift and honorable in dealing with her, as Sanders was in dealing with Uretsky.

The party also had to ponder the sworn depositions Sanders might now take regarding such delicate matters as who Schultz spoke to about her decision to impale him.”


December 11, 2015

DFA "PUMPING" Hillary in On-Line Member Vote... ONLY One Vote and Dean Endorsement First! REVISED

YOUR Thoughts as you read THIS.... When we are talking "Progressive," this "pump" by DFA for Hillary strikes me as something just short of underhanded while being also just plain out of line with the reality of Hillary Clinton's political compass... as DFA founder Howard Dean uses the organization that he founded as his platform to try and Skew this member vote for Hillary...

How is Dean DFA "Endorsement" FAIR to Bernie and for that matter O'Malley as well in what is supposed to be an above board on line DFA Membership Vote? Does "Fairness" even matter... to YOU?

How does it strike you? Only one vote per member and you cannot change it later... So Dean ENDORSES Hillary in FIRST Email!!!

We all understand that Howard Dean has evolved since he ran for POTUS and is a whole lot less "progressive" than he may once have been. It is something less than democratic for Dean through DFA to try and persuade DFA members to slip their vote to Hillary in order to avoid a BLOWOUT WIN for Bernie and is in my mind... "CHEAP" on the part of BOTH DFA and Howard Dean!

Doesn't Hillary have ENOUGH HELP from MSM PROPAGANDA 24/7?

Let's call out DFA AND Howard Dean on this...

The point of this post was.... Members only have ONE chance to VOTE and cannot change it!!!

Howard Dean "Pumps" for Hillary in FIRST email so Hillary gets the FIRST Shot at the Membership thus improving her odds of a better score with the membership due to Dean influence coupled with first email to membership...

When Hillary talks about being "Progressive" most importantly she is no where near "progressive" on ECONOMIC Issues related to her close relationship with Wall Street.

Hillary has not been responsible in her decision making when it comes to FOREIGN Policy

e.g., Recently Advocating for a No Fly Zone over Syria in last debate ... Voting affirmatively with George W. Bush to invade Iraq in 2002...

Inattention to detail, poor management and/or Delegation of Responsibilities regarding the Benghazi Libya episode must be considered when critiquing Secretary Clinton's tenure at State, at a minimum .

Competence is lacking in this regard as well as judgement when Hillary is compared to her Democratic Primary competitors in this vital "Commander in Chief" issue .

Excerpts w/ annotation and points to ponder...

"As you make your decision about who Democracy for America will endorse to be our next president, I want to share a few words about my choice: Hillary Clinton."

"Hillary Clinton is the candidate who shares our progressive values on issues like climate change, immigration reform, and LGBT rights -- and she has the experience and ability to turn those values into policies that will help Americans."

Funny... Where is any mention of PROGRESSIVE ECONOMIC POLICIES by Hillary?

How does Hillary differ on the social/climate issues cited by Governor Dean above from O'Malley and Sanders?

Is Hillary even as good even on these Social/Climate issues as her opponents?

Howard again...
"In the 25 years I've known Hillary Blah, Blah, Blah...

Howard is neglecting to mention her debt to Wall Street...

[uCan we say $105 $MILLION$?

State Department... No Fly Zone over Syria... Can you say ...Non Stop Ticket to WW III?

Howard again...
"That's enough from me -- read on to see what Hillary has to say about why your vote matters to her. Thanks for your commitment to this process, and to our democracy."

***Nothing to address the corrupt political system that passes for "democracy" which is completely beholden to the Oligarchy, Corporate America, Corporate Media and Wall Street. Does not Senator Sanders make an issue of this?

Then again doe we not all agree that Senator Sanders owes $ZERO$ to Wall Street?

THIS is the problem that coupled with an "Establishment" engineered ignorance of a great percentage of the American people the public buy in is facilitated by the most sophisticated propaganda machine in history.

- Howard

Gov. Howard Dean, Founder
Democracy for America

------- Forwarded message --------
FROM: Hillary Clinton
SUBJECT: Your vote

"I want to thank you for your involvement in Democracy for America, and for taking the time to be thoughtful and engaged in our democracy. I'm excited for all that we're going to accomplish together during the course of this campaign, and I'm really looking forward to all the good we can do if I'm elected president.

I've said before that I'm a progressive who likes to get things done. So I want to talk to you about the things I'd like to accomplish in the White House.

First, I'll work to make sure all Americans are treated fairly -- continued....

I'm going to raise wages for the middle class. ($12.50 Max vs Sanders/O'Malley $15.00) I believe this is the defining challenge of our time. I'm the only Democrat in this race who's pledged not to raise taxes on families making less than $250,000 per year. "

Who among the remaining Democratic candidates in the race has stated that they would raise taxes on those earning under $250,000?

Questions arise as to the continuing relevance of Social Security and Medicare if she has the "watch."

Hillary... "Finally, I want to make sure that my term in office would ensure a strong progressive legacy for decades to come... "

Very much in doubt based on her record...

Hillary... "I take a backseat to no one when you look at my record in standing up and fighting for progressive values. "

NOT including $ECONOMIC$ values/fairness/taking on the Corporate Oligarchy... as Wall Street must be repaid!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to earn your support. I promise that if I'm elected, I'll keep working for it every single day I'm in office.

With deep appreciation,

- Hillary
June 19, 2015

I Cannot Say Sternly Enough... I TOLD YA Soooo!

Now we have ALL been HAD... PERMANENTLY!

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