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CorporatistNation's Journal
CorporatistNation's Journal
January 30, 2016

Clinton Rationale For private Server... "Convenience!" Yes, A Poor Decision Hillary, Perhaps...

just your second worse decision after... Voting to Invade Iraq!

The ONLY question that ANY citizen should ask before deciding to install a private email server in your home where as Secretary of State government communications and business will take place (in addition to your private email communication) is...

Will I as Secretary of State EVER be receiving or having to send sensitive email communications i.e., TOP SECRET, CLASSIFIED or SAP/SAR?

Hillary's judgement on this... NOPE! or No problem... "I'm opting for convenience..."

or As Foreign Policy Guru that she purports herself to be...

SHE NEVER thought... TO ASK HERSELF THE FRIGGING QUESTION... Before she decided on installing the server!

Respected former Defense Secretary Robert Gates expressed concern over possible Hack by Russia, Iran or Chinese of Clinton's private server! http://theweek.com/speedreads/600728/did-russia-read-hillary-clintons-emails-robert-gates-says-odds-are-pretty-high

Just as with her Iraq decision, Libya, Quaddafi and a host of others... Hillary NEVER paused to consider the larger consequences of her decision(s).

And Hillary wants US to TRUST HER JUDGEMENT as President of the United States? Why Certainly...

When America elects a President, the one characteristic above all others that we require is JUDGEMENT.

Hillary from opting to take HUGE speaking fees from Wall Street Banks which former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell recently noted "Was not a smart move if she was planning to run for President..." to the email server, to a lackadaisical attitude toward management prerogatives in Benghazi and the decision to overthrow Quaddhafi that preceded it...

should give Americans pause in who they consider to represent their interests and safety as both President and Commander in Chief.

The personal political history and performance of Hillary Clinton that America has observed over both the long and short term should therefor be cause for concern. The evidence is clear that Hillary Clinton has a well demonstrated propensity for poor judgement, and less than optimal associated decision making.


Clinton's campaign responded that the new roadblock "appears to be over-classification run amok" and that it will "pursue all appropriate avenues to see that her emails are released in a manner consistent with her call last year." SNIP

"It was a mistake because who wants to put people through all of this?" Clinton said. "I don't want to go through it; I don't want to put a lot of my friends through it. So it was a mistake."

Clinton stated previously that "Her vote to Invade Iraq was just one instance and that was a mistake" as well...

As someone who wants so badly to be ... The First Woman President, she sure makes a lot of "Mistakes!"

If in the end Hillary fails in her quest to be ... The First Woman President, she will have no one else to blame but herself.
January 26, 2016

The REAL Story of This Town Hall... Chris Cuomo... Designated "Establishment" Hitman!

I watched the whole "show." Funny how Chris continually challenged Bernie throughout his segment... Maybe four questions from the audience... 5 tops... Bernie, unlike his fellow candidates provided details ...and actually answered questions including much to the dismay of Cuomo, standing up to his near incessant harangue.

In fact when Bernie physically stood up to address the Hillary television ad, Chris tried to get Bernie to sit back down... Bernie however stood his ground!

As I suspected, once Bernie was done... Chris became palpably more docile with Marty... Quite a few more audience questions, and no interruptions from Chris... allowing Marty to cruise the stage, ladle on the charisma and tick off his themes with nary a detail as to how he'd accomplish anything...

Then, once the "warm up" speakers were done, the "main attraction" took the stage. Again, the deference to Hillary by Chris was beyond palpable beyond even my expectations. No arguing or haranguing Hillary! Excepting for the first question which Hillary answered which the overall context of her answer could only be characterized... as insulting to the intelligence of young people as she inferred that...

"Young people who are new to politics may have heard a lot of things that accumulated over the years, none of which stuck as everything that was thrown at me all fell by the wayside as I kept moving forward..."

TRANSLATION: All of these points are just false and should be ignored, and if you believe all of these things ... well you're just young and naive.

This the likely perceived message from Hillary to young people in response to the young man's question concerning her perceived dishonesty and low enthusiasm for her campaign by young people....

The balance of the questions directed at Hillary were softballs of the first order... We shall see how the EMERGENCY RESCUE FORUM fared for Clinton Incorporated in one week.
January 23, 2016

Is Not A History of Demonstrated Good Judgement Fundamental To Being President?

A review of decisions made by Hillary Clinton over the past 15 years does not appear to comport with a demonstrated propensity for quality objective decision making.

In my humble opinion....

"Quality objective decisions are a product of... having previously made good judgements AND decisions."

"The reason that Bernie is focusing on the speaking fees is that Hillary can't use the Obama defense," said Ed Rendell, a former Pennsylvania governor, who has supported Clinton.

In retrospect, Rendell conceded, Clinton (Hillary),would have been better off giving fewer such speeches.

"Although they needed money, I think that Bill was raking in enough that Hillary didn't have to do it," Rendell said. "To people who earn $200,000 in seven years, it looks ridiculous."

Together, Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, have earned in excess of $125 million in speech income since leaving the White House, one-fifth of it in the past two years. Goldman Sachs alone paid Clinton $675,000 for three speeches in three different states, a fact Sanders has highlighted repeatedly.

Then Add... Decision to Vote to Invade Iraq: Hillary "Following the Crowd" rather than Leading...

Regime Change In Libya:
(Failure to Anticipate the Consequences) Hillary Laughs!!!

Email Server Issue:
Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates "Likely Russia read Clinton Emails." http://theweek.com/speedreads/600728/did-russia-read-hillary-clintons-emails-robert-gates-says-odds-are-pretty-high

No Fly Zone over Syria: Only Planes other than ours are Russian.... Not a well thought out position!

Hillary Clinton On Foreign policy including her pure acumen related to Quality Judgement and Past Decisions...

The Book on Hillary is Not Very compelling to Objectively support Clinton Incorporated for President.

January 19, 2016

Email From Debbie Wasserman Schultz... Starting Lesser of Two Evils Argument Already?

This Is A Debbie Wasserman Schultz for Congress email I received TODAY!

Hillary/Clinton Incorporated and Debbie collaborating and ...pulling out all the stops there can be no doubt!

NAME, Iowa voters head to their caucuses in just under two weeks to pick which GOP nominee they want to see in the White House. Can you imagine a President Cruz? A President Trump? What about a President Rubio?

(Debbie's Message: Be Safe and Support/Caucus for Hillary)

To be honest, the prospect of any one of the candidates in the Republican field becoming our president is frightening -- especially after the regressive and outright offensive ideas they’ve been floating throughout campaign season.

It’s almost too difficult to pick who would be worse, but I’m going to ask you anyway.

We don’t want Iowa to have all the fun.

Cast your vote and tell us which GOP candidate scares you the most. Who do you think is the “Worst of the Worst?”

In case you can’t keep the crazy things Republicans have said straight, here is a refresher.

Senator Ted Cruz likened repealing the President’s Affordable Care Act to putting a man on the moon, saying, in all seriousness, that “Obamacare was as intimidating as the moon.”

Donald Trump recklessly called for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States.

And not to be outdone, Senator Marco Rubio's thoughts on raising workers’ wages: “To argue that raising the minimum wage is going to create upward mobility is, quite frankly, silly.”

NAME, the Iowa Caucus is less than two weeks away. I want to hear from you.

I want to know which GOP candidate takes the title of “Worst of the Worst,” and why.

Thanks, Debbie

Debbie's Point: You're scared of the GOP field... Play it SAFE... Democrats... Hillary is the "SAFE" bet...


Just say NO to any more... Vote for the lesser of two evils crap! I am DONE with that!

Say NO to THE "CORPORATIST" Wall Street OWNED Democrat...

Say NO to The THIRD WAY CORPORATE Candidate...

Stand TALL and Affirm to America that

The Bernie Revolution of the People and by the People is in FULL SWING!
January 18, 2016

I Am Getting An EGD (Esophogogastroduodenoscopy) Tomorrow While Many Others Who Need One Will Not

Because of costs despite The Affordable Care Act !

I told the clerk at the endoscopy center who called to tell me what time I needed to be there... and how much I needed to write the check for....

that I am A Nurse Practitioner and I have SHITTY INSURANCE. Going to cost me like $1,000 bucks!

I responded that WE can only hope for Bernie... and She replied I'm all for that!

Want to know why health care costs have slowed their growth?

In my view because I see and hear from my patients with cancer all of the time with distinctly similar stories, that people have looked at costs...They are taking the risk to forego needed tests, check ups and imaging because it costs them too much in an era of declining incomes among the middle class despite the ACA.

Premiums and cost continue to rise with the ACA. A lot of people do not have $1,000 bucks to shell out for a test. I would prefer not to either, but understand the need and value of the test and most importantly... I can write the check.

End result... People do NOT get their health care (Life Saving Tests such as Colonoscopies, EGD's CT Scans and "things" get missed and allowed to fester/grow and people end up very sick and then they die a whole lot sooner than they should have to.

The Affordable Care Act was an improvement for some, but remains inadequate for many.

Bernie is right and Hillary Clinton is wrong.

I can speak with authority on this issue not only because I see this stuff every day in the hospital where I work, (managing the care of Cancer patients), but also having significant credentials in the construction of Health Policy (MBA in Health Systems Management), that Hillary is siding with Corporate America not the American worker.

Bernie Sanders has it right and proved it once again last night to the consternation of Clinton Incorporated.
January 11, 2016

I Just Gave Bernie FIFTY DOLLARS More and An Additional $15 for FOUR Bumper Stickers...

We do not want Bernie to Come up Short...

Our Nation and all of our good citizens from EVERY walk of life need to have a Democratic Nominee who has demonstrated courage in taking difficult decisions in the past for all of the right reasons.

We need a Democratic Nominee who has unimpeachable personal and professional integrity and has a long history of speaking truth to power as well as to the people that he represents....

We need a Democratic Nominee who has demonstrated objective decision making throughout the duration of his political service which is a product of clear thinking and associated judgement that is free from the drive of his own personal political ambition...

Bernie Sanders has demonstrated that he will be beholden ONLY to the people whom he represents NOT Plutocrats!

It is OUR responsibility to keep pace with Clinton Incorporated as by all accounts, Hillary Clinton has dramatically ramped up her fundraising since the Sanders Campaign announced record-breaking number of small-dollar, individual contributions.

Earlier this week, the Clinton campaign raised almost two million dollars in one day from just three events with millionaires!

Bernie Sanders cannot be bought by Millionaires and Billionaires...

As a former Democratic Nominee for U.S. House in 2006, I was offered the following from a DC Lobbyist for BIG Pharma...

"If you're willing to work with/play ball with the Pharmaceutical Industry, we'll get you all of the contributions that you need..." I responded, "Where would my credibility be if I did the same thing as my Republican Incumbent opponent?"

I am aware that Bernie's response is the same as mine was, as I was told the other day by a businessman with whom I am acquainted had sent Bernie a check from his corporate account and his check was returned by the campaign.

Upon receipt of his returned corporate check my friend then sent a personal check to the campaign which was accepted...
January 3, 2016

You Decide If MILLIONS "Earned" By Bill Clinton in Speaking Fees During Hillary's Tenure

As Secretary of State has been sufficiently accounted for and explained. Has the Clinton's Transparency to date been sufficient such that it will not be a drag on the campaign IF Hillary in the end is The Democratic Nominee...


At her confirmation hearing, questioners raised the issue of her hubby’s global business. Hillary vowed to take “extraordinary steps . . . to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.” SNIP

In total, The Wall Street Journal reports, two dozen companies and groups, plus the Abu Dhabi government, gave Bill more than $8 million for speeches, even as they were hoping for favorable treatment from Hillary’s bureaucracy. And 15 of them also gave at least $5 million total to the foundation. SNIP

Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon says “no evidence exists” connecting State Department actions under Hillary to Bill’s lucrative speeches. SNIP


The Clintons’ relationships with major funders present an unusual political challenge for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now that she has formally entered the presidential race, the family may face political pressure and some legal requirements to provide further details of their personal finances and those of the foundation, giving voters a clearer view of the global network of patrons that have supported the Clintons and their work over the past 15 years. SNIP

Should Not The Voters Be asking The Clinton's for greater transparency relating to their Financial/Business interests...


A spokesman for Bill Clinton declined to comment on the overlap between speech sponsors and foundation donors, saying only that the former president’s speaking schedule has been largely consistent since he left the White House. Bill Clinton was paid more than $100 million for speeches between 2001 and 2013, according to federal financial disclosure forms filed by Hillary Clinton during her years as a senator and as secretary of state. SNIP


After his wife became Secretary of State, former President Bill Clinton began to collect speaking fees that often doubled or tripled what he had been charging earlier in his post White House years, bringing in millions of dollars from groups that included several with interests pending before the State Department, an ABC News review of financial disclosure records shows. SNIP

So what say we? Question The Messengers... Question Sources... Excuses? Explanations? What I have displayed here is only the most meager sampling that Hillary's ardent supporters have consciously or otherwise decided to ignore!

There is a taint that cannot and should not be disregarded to this ""Fromtrunner" when it comes to BIGGG MONEY that somehow it ain't exactly... clean....

Is it not appropriate for someone who would deign to be President be more rather than less forthcoming in order to eliminate to as much a degree as possible, the odor of impropriety when it comes to her "family" finances.

More rather than less disclosure
it would seem is appropriate in order to ward off the obvious criticisms and potential conflicts that will surely arise should said Corporatist/Oligarchy anointed "Frontrunner" become the Democratic Nominee? So what say ye?

As I write this, I am hearing the Clinton Foundation discussed on CNN.... There is no spokesperson that can explain with sufficient veracity, that which is at this point perhaps... inexplicable.

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