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Name: Timmi Mac
Gender: Do not display
Home country: USA
Current location: USA
Member since: Fri Jun 6, 2014, 07:24 PM
Number of posts: 2,546

Journal Archives

Sooo Rachel, WHEN Are You ActuallY Going To Ask Hillary A REAL Question That Matters?

Oh Rachel finally asked what can ONLY be characterized as a "Clear The Air" softball about the Clinton Foundation Operation...


I guess a $ MILLION Bucks a year can do wonderful things for your journalistic ethical comportment... eh Rach?

Posted by CorporatistNation | Wed Mar 30, 2016, 09:54 PM (41 replies)

The Countless Failings of The Democratic National Committee (Presidential primary)

There is little to dispute in this article if anything... Read the article and comment. There is plenty to be accounted for as to the management and process of this Presidential Primary Election Contest dating back to before it began...

"The Democratic National Committee rigged the Democratic primaries to ensure Hillary Clinton would win the presidential nomination. Evidence suggesting this claim is overwhelming and, as the primaries progress, the DNC’s collusion with the Clinton campaign has become more apparent.

Hillary Clinton has known for years she would be running for president in 2016. Fundraisers were held on her behalf as early as 2014, before she announced her campaign, as it was well known throughout the Democratic establishment that she would run for president. Unlike Jeb Bush, also an establishment-backed Republican candidate with very wealthy donors, no Democrats in office dared to run against Ms. Clinton. The DNC did not suspect an Independent and three virtually unknown former politicians would contend for the nomination. Aside from clearing out her competition in the primaries, the co-chair to Ms. Clinton’s failed 2008 campaignDebbie Wasserman Schultz, who is currently the DNC Chair—scheduled only six debates compared to the eight scheduled for Republican candidates, and enacted a new rule effectively banning Democratic presidential candidates from participating in any unsanctioned debates." SNIP...

“Party leaders (again, that’s code for Hillary supporters) have seemingly hosted fewer voter registration drives. Doing so, would, in essence, be drives for Bernie Sanders. In some cases, party leaders are just skipping them altogether in many states and at college campuses,” wrote Shaun King (Poster on DU) for The New York Daily News. “Hillary must know that low voter turnout actually favors her campaign to get the nomination. She and the political machine are not going to invest the time or money to beat the drums for voter registration because they know full well those are primarily votes she won’t receive.” SNIP...

"The DNC has bent their own rules and regulations to assist Ms. Clinton. In December 2015, Vice News broke a story that the DNC was allowing Ms. Clinton’s campaign to share offices with the Carson City Democratic Party in Nevada—a key early primary state. In the summer of 2015, a top DNC official, Henry R. Munoz III broke DNC rules by organizing a fundraiser for Ms. Clinton in Texas. When news broke of the infraction, Ms. Wasserman Schultz ignored it." SNIP...

When one looks at this picture it is difficult to deny that this is a sad performance by party leadership... We can only hope for better moving forward...

Posted by CorporatistNation | Sun Mar 27, 2016, 01:59 PM (13 replies)

Sign The Petition Calling Fot OPEN Primary In New York! "They" Are Screwing With Party Registrations

SIGN the petition calling on Senator Chuck Schumer to urge the New York Democratic Party to open their presidential primary in 2016.

Go HERE To Sign... http://www.openprimaries.org/states_new_york

Closed primaries dis-empower 2.9 million independent voters in New York. Senator Schumer advocated for open primaries in the New York Times. We want him to do something about it!

Open Primaries and the Independence Party of New York City have joined forces to mobilize public support for primary reform. The support has been overwhelming...all the more reason to double our efforts!

See PROOF Here... On DU....

Here’s how you can help:

Use social media to spread the word. Every tweet, post and personal e-mail helps.

Make a donation. 100% of your donation will be spent on digital outreach so that we can reach thousands more New Yorkers and invite them to participate in changing our political system.

Volunteer. Have a few hours after work or on the weekend? We need volunteer phone bankers! No experience necessary – just a willingness to help and a desire to do something about the partisan status quo. Email Adriana Espinoza (aespinoza@openprimaries.org) to get involved!

We’ve got limited time to engage thousands more New Yorkers about changing our political system. Let’s do this!

Anthony Del Signore
Campaign Manager


Posted by CorporatistNation | Thu Mar 24, 2016, 07:19 AM (5 replies)

WarningVoter IssuesNew York And Other States CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION ASAP!

There is solid evidence of shenanigans afoot in New York State and Likely Other States As Well!


NEW YORK -CHECK YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION! Few friends just checked and their democratic status had been removed or changed to republican or no party affiliation!!!! self.SandersForPresident

submitted 4 hours ago * by WolverHollowNew York

A couple of my friends were curious about their voter status because the NY registration deadline is this Friday so they went to make sure they were still registered as Democrats and they WERE NOT!!!! They had voted before as democrats and have been registered as democrats for a while but when they checked their party had either been changed to NO PARTY AFFILIATION or even to REPUBLICAN.



EDIT : Where can I contact the campaign about this?

EDIT : PROOF : Here's my boyfriend checking his democratic status to suddenly see he's not affiliated to a party and the county is telling him he won't be re-registered in time to vote in the primary. SECONDARY EDIT : BOYFRIEND IS /u/Fugim

EDIT : Another person I know is no longer a registered democrat. Trying to get proof. PROOF :

EDIT - Another -

EDIT : Another in this thread - /u/super-rad - http://imgur.com/lHP3qMQ

EDIT : Another in this thread - /u/whacafan

EDIT : Another in this thread - /u/purrpect http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1107522/bab91f9ecbca3658daac1ca1bb3f0d1f SNIP

THIS as we witnessed yesterday is NO JOKE! Whatever or whomever is behind what appears to be a systematic effort to skew a primary election ala Arizona 3/22/2016 NEEDS to be ... "Brought to Heel!" And PROSECUTED!

Posted by CorporatistNation | Wed Mar 23, 2016, 08:51 PM (34 replies)
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