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CorporatistNation's Journal
CorporatistNation's Journal
May 1, 2016

Plenty of Solid EVIDENCE For Bernie Sanders To Continue On Into What Will Essentially A TIED Race...

by the time Philly comes around... http://www.nationofchange.org/news/2016/04/29/will-happen-democratic-convention/

Hillary WILL NOT have enough Delegates to WIN OUTRIGHT... And Neither will Bernie... But he might... And then the Supers will have to decide whether they are willing to give up MILLIONS of Indys, Millions of Democrats and a very nice smattering of Republicans... Just to grant Hillary her lifelong ambition... There will have to be quite a bit of... THINKING TWICE!

Part Two: Why Sanders Will Win, According to Math

If you’ve found yourself thinking, “Well, Sanders won’t secure the nomination, either!” You are almost 100% right! Well, 99.6% right, anyway. Because, if we take Sanders’ current delegate total of 1,371, subtract that from the magic 2,383, then divide that by the remaining available delegates, we get 0.996, see:

2,383 – 1,371 = 1,012

1,012 ÷ 1,016 = 0.996 or 99.6%

Therefore, Sanders would have to secure a whopping 99.6% victory in all remaining states to secure the nomination! I think this may be one of the few things that both Berners and Clintonistas could agree on: that that is impossible. But to those of you that are thinking, “John! This is terrible” or “Haha! Take that, Sanders!” I would reply: You are both wrong. Mostly. Let me explain:

First off, let’s acknowledge that the math seems to prohibit both candidates from securing the nomination before the convention — so what does this mean? This means that, since Sanders will not give up before the convention, there will almost certainly be a “contested convention.”

“Um… But John…” you may be saying, “Won’t Hillary still be miles ahead of Sanders in votes at the convention?”

To which I would reply: I’m glad you asked, my paid Hillary-supporter friend! Allow me to demonstrate how that will also not be the case, no matter what the media would have you believe. Follow me!

Since neither of them will be securing the 2,383 needed for the nomination, let’s take a look at another number that has been hiding in plain sight for far too long. I’d like you to meet the number, 4,051. That’s the number of total pledged delegates that are available from all 50 states, plus DC, US territories, and the Democrats abroad. As it should be obvious, a majority of these delegates would be 2,026 because:

4,051 ÷ 2 = 2,025.5

At the convention, this number is going to matter more than the unattainable 2,383 delegates that no one will have. That being the case, let’s take a look at what Bernie Sanders would have to do to get there. If Sanders won 60% of the remaining contests (and remember how 475 of 1,016 are in California, where Sanders will do well), then the numbers at the convention would look like this:

1,016 x .60 = 609.6

Round that to 610 and add it to Sanders current total of 1,371, then divide that by the total delegate count, 4,051:

610 + 1,371 = 1,981

1,981 ÷ 4,051 = .489 or 48.9%

So, in the scenario where Sanders takes about 60% of the remaining vote, we’re essentially looking at a 49 to 51% vote total at the convention — not so bad, eh? And that’s easily within Sanders’ reach, if we do well in California (which we almost certainly will). Let’s look at what happens if he takes 70% (just like he did last time we went to the West/Left Coast):

1,016 x .70 = 711.2, round it down to 711, then:

711 + 1,371 = 2,082

2,082 ÷ 4,051 = 0.513 or 51.3%

If Sanders took 70%, the convention would look like 51.3 to 48.7%, in favor of Sanders! But 70%, while possible, is a bit of a stretch — the new magic number, for Sanders anyway, is actually 64.4% of the remaining states, which would mean winning 655 of the 1,016 remaining delegates, pushing his total up to 2,026, the bare majority of delegates, leaving Clinton one delegate behind at 2,025.

Now, does Sanders winning 64.4% sound too far-fetched? Not particularly, especially when we consider his advantages on the Left Coast, in California’s 475 delegate semi-open primary. An uphill climb, though? Certainly. Remember, though: it is all but certain that Clinton will not secure the nomination, while Sanders supporters are going to be pouring into Philadelphia for the convention by the tens of thousands. Even if Bernie fell short by a few points, we’re still essentially looking at a tie. And that’s when all hell is going to break loose.

Things are going to become very interesting if we have a near-tie at the convention to be decided by the super-delegates.

Things are going to become very interesting when they look back at the many states that are still crying out for a re-vote, states fraught with “voting irregularities,” polling station closures, and voter roll purges — all states which Clinton won and all states which so far have not received justice.

Things are going to become very interesting when the DNC and the super-delegates realize that Sanders, unlike the Wallstreet-backed Clinton-Machine, will bring in not only millions of independent voters that were unable to vote in the primaries, but even defecting Republican votes, sealing the GOP’s utter defeat in November.

Things are going to become very interesting when, while they are thinking about all of these things, they are doing so to the earth-shaking, thunderous chants of “Sanders! Sanders!” from his tens of thousands of supporters outside, who have time-and-again proven their ability to rally by the tens of thousands — do you think that we won’t do the same at the convention?

And finally, things are going to become very, very interesting when the super-delegates and the DNC are forced to choose, publicly, whether to hand the nomination to Clinton and watch the millions of independents walk away, along with millions of former-democrat Sanders-supporters, basically handing the general election to the neo-fascists Trump or Cruz — or, to hand it to Sanders, a leader who will have the support, not only of the entire Democratic Party, but of millions of Independents, Green Party voters, and — yes, indeed — even Republicans defecting from the extremist GOP. That will be the most interesting part, I think. I’ll see you all in Philadelphia.

In Solidarity,
John Laurits

Here is a very solid description of where we are... THE OLIGARCHY!

April 29, 2016

New Proof The NY Primary Was RIGGED! [Truth & Comedy]

Time to Laugh a little before recognizing the truth about the sordid process that has been this primary.... whether you like it or not...

For the smug among us... Remember we will be hearing from the FBI in the not too distant future...
April 28, 2016

Exclusive: Half of Americans think presidential nominating system 'rigged' - poll

And with all of the reports and complaints of "irregularities," particularly in the Democratic primary for the most part said "issues" benefiting one candidate in particular... Why shouldn't they believe the primary system/results have been choreographed?

As a former Democratic Nominee for U.S. House, I can testify that the system is "geared" to ensure that "Establishment" candidates who "Play Ball" with the people who own the system... prevail.

By Chris Kahn

NEW YORK (Reuters) - More than half of American voters believe that the system U.S. political parties use to pick their candidates for the White House is "rigged" and more than two-thirds want to see the process changed, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The results echo complaints from Republican front-runner Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders that the system is stacked against them in favor of candidates with close ties to their parties – a critique that has triggered a nationwide debate over whether the process is fair.

The United States is one of just a handful of countries that gives regular voters any say in who should make it onto the presidential ballot. But the state-by-state system of primaries, caucuses and conventions is complex. The contests historically were always party events, and while the popular vote has grown in influence since the mid-20th century, the parties still have considerable sway.

One quirk of the U.S. system - and the area where the parties get to flex their muscle - is the use of delegates, party members who are assigned to support contenders at their respective conventions, usually based on voting results. The parties decide how delegates are awarded in each state, with the Republicans and Democrats having different rules.

The delegates' personal opinions can come into play at the party conventions if the race is too close to call - an issue that has become a lightning rod in the current political season.

Another complication is that state governments have different rules about whether voters must be registered as party members to participate. In some states, parties further restrict delegate selection to small committees of party elites, as the Republican Party in Colorado did this year. SNIP


Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, said the U.S. presidential nominating system could probably be improved in a number of areas, but noted that the control wielded by party leadership usually became an issue only during tight races.

"The popular vote overwhelms the rules usually, but in these close elections, everyone pays attention to these arcane rules," he said.

Some 51 percent of likely voters who responded to the April 21-26 online survey said they believed the primary system was "rigged" against some candidates. Some 71 percent of respondents said they would prefer to pick their party’s nominee with a direct vote, cutting out the use of delegates as intermediaries.

The results also showed 27 percent of likely voters did not understand how the primary process works and 44 percent did not understand why delegates were involved in the first place. The responses were about the same for Republicans and Democrats.

Overall, nearly half said they would also prefer a single primary day in which all states held their nominating contests together - as opposed to the current system of spreading them out for months.

The poll included 1,582 Americans and had a credibility interval of 2.9 percentage points. SNIP

Missing from this discussion is the GLARING OMISSION of the very significant role that the Corporatist/Oligarchy OWNED "mainstream" media plays in all of this. PUMPING "Establishment" candidates (Hillary) on the Democratic side while ignoring or chastising the challenger Bernie Sanders which was the operating mode for the first six months of the campaign. Yeah... I agree... No matter the outcome overall, there MUST be a wholesale overhaul of the process otherwise its credibility will be far worse in the future than it is currently. Remembering that if the people do not trust their government they will not be governed.

April 27, 2016

What IS THIS? Bernie's Votes Going Down... CAUGHT LIVE! Screen Shots In Article!


Election "shenanigans" have been going on for a long time... THIS would appear to be one more example... Counting is merely ADDING to in this case TWO columns. Votes are either added to one candidate or the other. There is no other mathematical function involved... PERIOD! Yet time and again we witness this CRAP! Check out the screen shots provided in this article.

As a candidate for congress in 2006, I witnessed the same sort of thing going on LIVE in returns in my election. We did not screen shot it though.

THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY! Can someone please copy and paste the screen shots into the comments. THIS IS IMPORTANT!
April 27, 2016

Funny, I Thought The Hillary "Victory" Fund Was Intended For The General Election When Tonight....

I saw THIS... A full page Hillary Ad on the YAHOO sign on page with the line... "Paid For By The Hillary Victory Fund"

Go here to see it... Paste it in here if you're able to... https://www.facebook.com/Corporatist-Nation-188712351184604/

Thoughts? Running out of campaign ca$h?

April 24, 2016

A Vote FOR Bernie Is A Vote FOR DEMOCRACY! A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote FOR ?

Ensuring The future of Social Security while increasing benefits by removing the cap on type and amount earnings subject to FICA deduction... or NOT?

The Reform of Campaign Finance Laws... or NOT?

Taking Effective Action on Climate Change in a Timely Manner or NOT?

Ensuring that ALL Americans have access to the full spectrum of quality affordable health care including preventative and dental... or NOT?

Ensuring that EVERY American irrespective of their race, creed, sexual orientation or socio-economic strata will be treated equally... or NOT?

Ensuring that ALL Americans are able to exercise their Right to Vote... or NOT?

Ensuring that if America enters into international trade agreements that American workers suffer no harm or NOT?

Ensuring that Tax laws are reformed to ensure that income taxes are progressive throughout the range of incomes and that capitol gains are treated as ordinary income and taxed accordingly... or NOT?

Ensuring that American foreign policy does not include regime change or corporate interests as guiding parameters for use of military assets or not.

Ensuring that politicians who violate federal laws are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law... or NOT?

Ensuring that American workers are afforded a living wage... or NOT?

Ensuring that every effort is made to excise corporate influence (money, perqs etc.) from American politics including Citizens United... or NOT?

Ensuring that the person who eventually gets the keys to the Oval Office can be trusted with regard to every word and action that they do as President and Commander in Chief... or NOT?

Is "IT" really OUR choice?

April 21, 2016

Bernie MUST Stay In Until The Convention Votes! THIS FIGHT IS ABOUT Whether There IS Democracy

in America or NOT!

There is no question that throughout this entire race starting in Iowa there have been "issues" with voting.

The funny thing is that all of the "issues" ALWAYS benefited... The Inevitable One... Which is objectively speaking...

Statistically IMPROBABLE!

Everyone is talking about Voter SUPPRESSION in New York... EXCEPT FOR ONE PERSON...

Anyone with an ounce of conscience should find that in and of itself... concerning....
April 21, 2016

Any Bernie Supporters Receiving This CRAP? THE Underhanded Propaganda Effort To "Unite" Dems!

RE: PROGRESSIVE TURNOUT PROJECT.... They are sending similar messages and polls which end in a request for Ca$h.... (3 Dollars) Coming from a variety of E Addresses always asking.... Do you think Bernie can win?

PSYCH... Want us to question our resolve re: Bernie....

So THIS IS The Clinton Campaign to UNITE Democrats? Key Words: Our, Unite, Join...

TEXT from Email..

Bernie Sanders continues to build on his momentum, most recently with a big win in Wisconsin.

This race is close. Hillary still has a clear lead in delegates, but the Sanders campaign is confident that they’re favored in upcoming primary states. Plus, the primaries for must-win states like California, New York, and Pennsylvania are still far enough away for Bernie to pick up momentum.

Despite record levels of engagement in recent surveys, with a race this close, our research team needs to know what Democrats like you think about Bernie’s chances to secure the Democratic nomination. WHY? WHY should I tell YOU?

Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks!


Thanks for taking the poll!

- The Progressive Turnout Project

(Graphics NOT shown!)

Another one... I received THREE so far tonight alone!!! Varying E Addresses...


The Sanders and Clinton campaigns unite to SUE Arizona for voter suppression
Oh... you mean Hillary joined/followed... Bernie????

Click here to stand with them and DEMAND Arizona dismantle its voter suppression laws ?

FIRST: Arizona’s Democratic primary saw voters waiting in line for HOURS just to cast a vote

THEN: The Department of Justice launched a federal investigation to figure out what went wrong

NOW: Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have joined together to SUE the state of Arizona and demand a restoration of voter rights You mean when voter rights became important as voters were being systematically DISENFRANCHISED... Hillary FOLLOWED Bernie in ... "taking a stand?" HILLARYOUS!

The Republican-controlled state legislature in Arizona has been passing measures to make it harder to vote.

One of those measures included slashing the number of polling places in Democratic-leaning regions by up to 70%.

Fortunately, our presidential candidates are taking a unified stand against GOP-backed voter suppression and standing up for voting rights. So yesterday in NYC/Brooklyn/and Environs... WHICH Party was behind all of the Voter Suppression there? No mention of Voter Issues from Hillary last night!

So how much does the GOP have to do with this really? I thought the GOP despised Hillary and were her "Arch Enemy?" Who benefited from the scam? It took Hillary a while to "join" Bernie in contesting the voter suppression ANYWHERE! Funny, I have not heard a peep out of Hillary re: all the suppression in Brooklyn... Her supposed HOME BASE????

Add your name right now to stand with Bernie and Hillary AGAINST voter suppression ?

In Maricopa County, Arizona’s largest, polling sites were cut to just 60 from 200. Maricopa County leans Democratic and saw some of the longest lines at polling sites in the primary. In Phoenix, there was just one polling place for every 108,000 voters.

To make matters worse, CNN reports that voters complained after being told that they couldn’t vote because they were registered as Independents.

Voter suppression exists because Republican voters consistently turn out to vote for right-wing politicians who manipulate the system to keep themselves in power.

That’s why we need to stand with Bernie and (Hillary) as they fight for voters’ rights.

Click the link below today to stand with Bernie and Hillary and demand that Arizona dismantle its voter suppression laws:

http://go.turnoutpac.org/No-Voter-Suppression Funny... Hillary Standing Up? For Voter Rights????
LOTS of Election Manipulation SHIT in NYC... and NOT a peep outa Hillary....

Thanks for adding your voice,

- The Progressive Turnout Project Anybody want to research where this PAC is "coming from?"

THIS Looks like a Brock Project or similar!

Tell the "Progressive Turnout Project" That WE Are NOT THIS Fucking STUPID!

April 15, 2016

Hillary "I Still Support A NO FLY ZONE Over Syria!"

Really...? And Madam Secretary what nation's planes might American pilots be charged with enforcing your No Fly Zone Against?

Answer... RUSSIA!

Bernie Sanders called Hillary out on her numerous instances when in positions of leadership that her judgement was inadequate... Iraq War, Libya... Regime Change... Could have added Honduras Coup ( I would have!)...

One more sordid example of wrong headed judgement on the part of Hillary Clinton!

As Bernie has duly noted... She does not consider the consequences of her decisions especially ones of significant magnitude such as the potential for a shooting confrontation with a Super Power such as RUSSIA.
April 13, 2016

Fund Raiser For Hillary... Thoughts?

A fundraiser for any Presidential candidate that includes those who carry the ball when it comes to regulating Wall Street should give any reader pause... This is about the "revolving door" and how it fits into the architecture of one candidate's candidates Presidential Campaign.

Access for the few at the expense of the many...

Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Hosted by All-Star Cast of Financial Regulators Who Joined Wall Street

Shouldn't people go into politics to make life better for everybody -- not just the wealthy or one's friends?

Hillary Clinton Fundraiser Hosted by All-Star Cast of Financial Regulators Who Joined Wall Street

Zaid Jilani
The Intercept, Apr. 6 2016

AS HILLARY CLINTON questions rival Bernie Sanders over the depth of his financial reform ideas this week, a group of former government officials — once tasked with regulating Wall Street and now working in the financial industry or as Wall Street lobbyists — are participating in a fundraiser for her in the nation’s capital.

The invitation for the April 6 fundraiser, obtained by Sunlight Foundation’s Political Party Time, describes a “conversation” with the Clinton campaign’s chief financial officer, Gary Gensler, and Sens. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, and Carl Levin, D-Mich.

The host: Julie Chon, a former Senate Banking Committee staffer who today is a managing director at the New York hedge fund Perry Capital.

Finance chair Gensler is a former Goldman Sachs staffer who later joined the Obama administration as a financial regulator.

Several members of the organizing committee are now either advocating for corporate clients or advising them how to best work with and around the regulations they once enforced.


Organizer Dan M. Berkovitz was the general counsel of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission from 2009 to 2013. Today, he is a partner at WilmerHale LLP, which says his “clients, both domestic and international, include entities in ongoing U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) investigations, multi-national swap dealers, managed funds, a major U.S. manufacturer, and industry trade and advocacy associations.”

A Note: The source is immaterial... It is the content that counts! Given that this event actually took place and it did, then the source should not be used as an excuse to censor.


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