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CorporatistNation's Journal
CorporatistNation's Journal
May 28, 2016

So Hillary, Where Are Those Transcripts? One Way Or the Other, They ARE Going To Come Out!

The FACTS are NOT on Hillary's side here...

The Transcripts ARE going to come out... The question is who will be the one releasing them?
Hillary is in a disadvantageous position due to her near intimate relationship to Wall Street!

May 28, 2016

Now We Know Who Trump Fears... Hint... It's NOT Hillary!

The problem for Trump is that when debating Bernie there are zero ancillary issues to go after him on to deflect and avoid having to debate actual policy positions, rationales for and against said policy(s) etc. Now Hillary may be able to talk policy, however when it would come to actually "debating" Trump... She would NEVER get the opportunity because the entire affair would be dominated by all of the controversy both past AND present that the Clinton(s) have engendered over the past 25 years or more. Trump debating Hillary would ... BE A CIRCUS in a BAD way for Democrats.... while in contrast, Bernie DEBATING Trump would be a CIRCUS in a good way for Democrats!

The Super Delegates are going to have some soul searching to do come the Convention....

Anyone who denies that is ignoring the obvious.
May 27, 2016

Andrea Mitchell: "I Don't See How This Report Is Anything But DEVASTATING...

Given the fact that they have been making a completely different argument for more than a year... "

MSNBC 25 May 2016

May 25, 2016

WTF Is MSNBC Doing Showing Washington State Dem Primary Results When DEm Primary WON By Sanders

in March? Showing Hillary ahead... This is more PROPAGANDA... CORRUPTION ON A MASSIVE SYSTEMIC SCALE...

May 24, 2016

Once Again, Hillary Cannot Remain True To Her Word... Declines PROMISED Debate With Bernie Sanders

in California. Amazingly, some still cannot understand why people cannot bring themselves to trust her....

Remember when Hillary had promised a 4th Presidential Debate with her opponent Bernie Sanders back when she wanted a debate in New Hampshire?

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton on Monday declined an invitation from Fox News to participate in a debate with rival Bernie Sanders in California before that state's June 7 primary.

Clinton's decision was quickly criticized by Sanders. (And deservedly so....)

"I am disappointed but not surprised by Secretary Clinton's unwillingness to debate before the largest and most important primary in the presidential nominating process," he said in a statement.

"Democracy, and respect for the voters of California, would suggest that there should be a vigorous debate in which the voters may determine whose ideas they support," he said. "I hope Secretary Clinton reconsiders her unfortunate decision to back away from her commitment to debate."

Bill Sammon, Fox News vice president and Washington managing editor, said the decision was unfortunate.

"Naturally, Fox News is disappointed that Secretary Clinton has declined our debate invitation," he said, "especially given that the race is still contested and she had previously agreed to a final debate before the California primary."


Maybe if a a network offers Bernie a Town Hall... she'll come running back to accept that .... She is afraid to go toe to toe with Bernie one more time because...well there may be some surprises in the interim.... See NY Times article last week... hint "Embarrassing"
May 22, 2016

Hillary Spoof... But There iS A Message In Comedy... Watch It All In Its Entirety...


Is Hillary not.. The Less than legitimate candidate....?

Yeah... a lot of "funny business" as Debbie is mentioned and toasted...

Much more to come in the next two weeks to be sure... Bernie IS IN IT To The END...'cause... IT AIN'T OVER YET!
May 21, 2016

Networks CANCEL Exit Polls In Remaining Primaries! Welcome to The Wild Wild West!!!

I guess that includes California...

Is there ANYONE out there who can come up with a reasonable rationale as to WHY Canceling Exit Polls would make ANY sense whatsoever... IF you wanted to have some idea WHAT was going on with the Election PROCESS?. The U.S relies on exit polling, especially in other countries where we may have to send some military to ensure a fair election. This....is because the 12pt deviation already, is becoming known to happen already in a few states... A 2pt variation in a foreign country signals trouble in foreign elections... and we're seeing 12 pointers? WTF?

So as far as the remaining states go... No Exit polling means that there will be NO COMPARATIVE AVAILABLE TO KEEP THE "COUNTING" HONEST!

Why did the democratic party agree to allow Bernie to run on their ticket? It sure seems it was in 'bad faith'. He owes them nothing. An election and process which repeatedly and consistently has been open to question on a near epic scale (Certainly for a Primary... the "inconsistencies" have been not surprisingly... CONSISTENT...(with all of the vagaries favoring just ONE CANDIDATE!) The public trust in our election process will be more than tainted because of this paradigm.

No Exit polls! So... we just will have to trust... WITHOUT ... THE VERIFY?

Canceling exit polling? It may be a good idea for Hillary (as the vagaries seem to ALWAYS favor her), but when it comes to DEMOCRACY.. NOT SO MUCH...

May 18, 2016

Bernie Speech LIVE NOT Carried By CNN or MSNBC! Establishment "Media" Ignoring Reality of Tonight's


Reality: Hillary is A WEAK Candidate... She Spent some CA$H in Kentucky in order to win a squeaker... against a guy who only did a few rallies and no ads! WON IN OREGON pretty solid! Who can beat Trump... Handily? If you're honest... You know the answer...

May 18, 2016

Curious "Issues" Reported By CNN Tonight ...Pike Cty "Zero'ed Out?" Votes Going Through...

The Secretary of State's Office... (Allison Grimes)... CNN Blond political commentator says "well Allison is very close to the Clinton's... but she is doing her job..." Curious?? Anyone else see this exchange as the votes were like 96-7% in? Thoughts?

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