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Gender: Male
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Current location: Sacramento, CA
Member since: Sat Jun 14, 2014, 10:00 AM
Number of posts: 1,730

About Me

Retired from the State of California. Loving every bit of life!

Journal Archives

I heard they are going to rename the San Andreas Fault

From now on, it will be called the "Obama's Fault."

What the Trump poll numbers aren't telling us

I think the poll numbers that have Trump with a 35% favor and a large lead can be misleading. I think that what you see is about the maximum he is going to get. Maybe to 40% but no more. Most Republicans don't like him.

I heard that there are three types of republicans. The Evangelicals, the Established Republicans (Neocons?), and the Fiscal Conservative Social Moderate conservatives. I think Trump has tapped into the Evangelicals and maybe a few Fiscal/Social ones. But he isn't getting the Established and/or most of the fiscal/social crowd. He has tapped the Tea party and some "Libertarians."

As candidates drop out, I think that one of the others will start to catch Trump and eventually overtake him. I question whether it would it be in time? Would Trump have gotten too many delegates from the early states to make it hard to catch? Maybe that is when the bigger states that come later might have more of a say than they traditionally do.

Either way, it has become a very interesting race. In both primaries. Far different that I ever expected six months ago.

Questions about Hillary's Emails

I work in IT and I work for a State Government. I am familiar with how Government uses their email systems.

So as I keep reading the issues with Hillary, a couple of questions come to mind.

1) If Hillary was sending confidential information to someone else, that email is also on the other email server as well. It's not a one way street. And at either end, there are numerous IT people who can look at the MS Exchange server (or whatever product they were using for an email server.) This is true for all of the people who are clamoring about this now as well. Any emails they send do go to another server other than theirs. The exception would be if they send to someone within their domain, but even then, most are going to go to another building, with possibly another server.

2) What is with this "secured" government server. Are they now saying that the government does a much better job of security than private companies? The truth is that I can access my email from the web as well as from Outlook. I log onto my email web portal just like I do my sbcglobal mail and att mail. There are no extra security settings on the browser end. The log on process is the same.

So to me, this is nothing but a witch hunt being done by non technical people who believe that the they can create a crisis when none exists. Besides, didn't Condoliza Rice also use a private server? Why aren't we investigating her as well? Do we only investigate something if they are running for office?

/end vent

Did Bill Clinton know the trainwreck that was to happen with Trump?

Imean, I've heard from several sources that Bill was one who talked Donald into running. If this is true, did Bill know that it would cause the trainwreck that is happening to the GOP primaries?

He deserves a medal for this.

RIP Kenny Stabler

I always liked him, especially when playing Strat-O-Matic football in the late 70's. He was always my quarterback,

Chris Squire

So Chris Squire died today. I think he was one of the best bassists of all time. All of Yes musicians were quite talented.

RIP Chris. We will miss you.

(I am listening to "And you and I" for my own tribute.)

If not liking Bibi makes you anti-semitic,

then not liking Obama would make you anti-American.

I heard this on Stephanie Miller this morning and it is a very good point. You cant say that not liking Bibi makes you an anti-Semite without saying the other. At least with a straight face. Nobody has a free pass in this.

And this is in reference to quite a few right wingers calling all those who shunned Bibi as anti-Semitic last week.
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