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Gender: Male
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Current location: Sacramento, CA
Member since: Sat Jun 14, 2014, 10:00 AM
Number of posts: 1,730

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Retired from the State of California. Loving every bit of life!

Journal Archives

American Falangists - Post from 2011

I found this in my email vault this morning. I saved it way back in 2011. I did not write it and found it on a forum at some site. Usually I keep the author when saving things, but this time there is none.
------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------

You've got to stand back and look at the American Falangists in an historical context.

They've been programmed from birth to believe in their nation's exceptional-ism (with a
creepy Christian/Libertarian/Individualist mythology).

In their lifetimes, it's has slowly fallen to pieces, for reasons too numerous to go into
(that would require a modern day Gibbons). They have to believe that their country
is the best in the world, while it turns to shit in front of them. Cognitive Dissonance

Adding, insult to injury the 911 attacks, which may or may not have been carried out
by a Muslim fanatic called Osama, were followed only 8 years later by the election of a
President who they believe to be a Muslim, named Obama, who may or may not be a

If you wanted to carry out a particularly cruel jest on people who could at best be
described as intellectually incurious, could there have been a better way? It's as if
the U.S. is a giant petri dish, and someone's having a grand old time playing with the

And basically, an already noxious movement has finally snapped, and gone completely
mad. Hence, full-bore lunatics like Beck, as well as the larger cabal of hate-mongers,
mouth-breathers, cock-splinters and useful idiots that populate the electro-magnetic
spectrum of hard right AM radio.

Incapable of following a single line of thought in a logical manner, now you add the
internet, with the array of conspiracy theories - a theory for every belief system (BS).

Shakespeare used to be called "the last refuge of the unbalanced mind". Now, the whole
world is your oyster, if you're coming apart at the seams. Maybe the Earl of Oxford
secretly foretold the 911 attacks in his final sonnet. Did you know that the North Koreans,
in cahoots with Greenpeace, secretly torpedoed the Deepwater Horizon? Etc.....

If you've ever had a close friend or family member or (god forbid) partner suffer from
paranoid delusions (and I've had the misfortune to have enjoyed all three), you'll be
familiar with the way that they twist your every move into YOUR CONSPIRACY
AGAINST THEM. They will invent slights out of the ether, anything to prop up their
paranoid world view. There is nothing that you can say or do, no argument, however
logical (even when you have other witnesses to back you up) that can dissuade them of

A swathe of the population - the ones who fall into the "authoritarian follower" class
defined by Bob Altemeyer, are the ones now going into the Twilight Zone. They were
already a mean-spirited bunch of fuckstains - and now they're a batty mean-spirited
bunch of fuckstains.

And as the U.S. continues to slide, they'll only get worse. But don't be scared, because
even though they're batty mean-spirited fuckstains, they're also cowardly batty mean
spirited fuckstains.

They'll huff, and they'll puff, but will they blow your house down?

They'll have to get that kidney transplant first, or find a portable dialysis machine.

If only they had a National Health System...

Good luck with that.

California GOP Representatives vulnerable in Midterms

California Democrats plan on targeting GOP Reps in the midterms, and with DACA being front and center for many, this makes quite a few of these seats vulnerable. California has one fourth (200,000) of the DACA participants and a large Hispanic population in general. Many of the Reps are from the Central Valley where they are representing large Hispanic populations and many of them will have to answer to the voters if they screw the coming votes up.

I read this earlier at some site and then also got this part from an email from Nate Silvers site;

"California where Democrats plan to specifically target nine of the state’s 14 GOP congressional representatives in the 2018 midterms" - FiveThirtyEight.com newsletter.

This got me to thinking that Texas too, should have several GOP districts that could flip. And there have to be other area's open to challenges from Democrats.

It will take some work, but the house looks like it can be flipped. The House is in play for the 2018 midterms.

Early picks for Dem nomination 2020

After watching politics closely this year, more so than ever since I deem a real thread is about, I think I determined my front runners for the 2020 Democratic Nomination. I know it is really early to be making these kinds of guesses since so much can happen over the next three years but here is who I want running. I will keep this in my journal and revisit it in late 2019.

1. Kamala Harris - Yes I am biased since I am in California and have watched her for years now. She will be attacked heavily from the right as they (will) see her to be as big a threat as Hillary. She should at least get her name out there for others to learn about this great woman so that if she doesn't make it, then she will be known for 2024.

2 - Al Franken - I have him pretty much tied with Kamala but I chose her because I think she is the future. Al is a very smart person who has balls and would do great things for this country. I am not sure how he plays with the no party crowd but I think they could go along with him.

3 - Adam Schiff - I really like this guy but I think he would be better for 2024 or 2028. If he continues as well as he has been lately, then maybe 2020 is his time.

4. - Michelle Obama - I doubt she will run but if she does, I would move her to the top of this list in a heartbeat.

Honor roll mentions:
-Cory Booker - He has been rising in my opinion but not quite there yet.
-Gavin Newsom - I like him and voted for him, but it might not quite be his time yet.
-Kirsten Gillibrand - The woman is tenacious and on the right path. She has a future.

The Election. Blame for losing. And USA's future.

All over the internet, you will see blame on why Hillary lost the election. The blame goes to Bernie, Jill Stein, Wasserman-Schultz, the media, etc...

In my opinion, there is only one reason that the election went haywire. It was rigged. Plain and simple, the election was hacked and rigged. As more evidence comes out, I think this gets clearer. Now we find that NO voting machines were checked and it looks like there isn't plans for it either, despite the latest news showing that hacking was going on. Yes, I do believe that the machines themselves were hacked.

This was a stolen election, plain and simple, even more so than 2000. And if we don't do anything about it, which no Republican congressman or leader wants to do, then the future elections will be hacked as well. The US is being destroying and all we voters can do is watch.

the third world war was fought in cyber-space, and the Russians won.

Yesterday I had lunch in San Francisco

I usually don't eat there since it can be expensive and parking can be a bitch but my friend and I went ahead and ate there. We ate at "Wesburger n' more" on Mission St between 18th and 19th streets. It was $11 for the All American Burger and it wasn't big or anything, but did come with tater tots.

And when leaving, we drove up Mission to 1st street and then got on the Bay Bridge on ramp. That entrance has about 8 streets all trying to get on so it took awhile just going 3 blocks to get on the on ramp. You have to be patient, but aggressive when driving in the Bay Area. This was also my first time using Fastrack. I had just signed up last week and wanted to use it just for the hell of it. Used it coming into the city on the Bay Bridge, and leaving at the Carquinez Bridge by Vallejo. It is nice to just drive through instead of stopping at the toll booth.

I think San Francisco is such a beautiful city but it can be stressful driving around there. I should just use BART and MUNI to get around as the mass transit there is excellent, but I couldn't help but to drive this time.

One good thing about the Flynn fiasco

is that his asshole son cant brag and be a general asshole like he was doing late last year, when he thought his dad was going to be a bigwig. I mean other than a prison bigwig.
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