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Gender: Male
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Current location: Sacramento, CA
Member since: Sat Jun 14, 2014, 10:00 AM
Number of posts: 1,730

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Retired from the State of California. Loving every bit of life!

Journal Archives

Early picks for Dem nomination 2020

After watching politics closely this year, more so than ever since I deem a real thread is about, I think I determined my front runners for the 2020 Democratic Nomination. I know it is really early to be making these kinds of guesses since so much can happen over the next three years but here is who I want running. I will keep this in my journal and revisit it in late 2019.

1. Kamala Harris - Yes I am biased since I am in California and have watched her for years now. She will be attacked heavily from the right as they (will) see her to be as big a threat as Hillary. She should at least get her name out there for others to learn about this great woman so that if she doesn't make it, then she will be known for 2024.

2 - Al Franken - I have him pretty much tied with Kamala but I chose her because I think she is the future. Al is a very smart person who has balls and would do great things for this country. I am not sure how he plays with the no party crowd but I think they could go along with him.

3 - Adam Schiff - I really like this guy but I think he would be better for 2024 or 2028. If he continues as well as he has been lately, then maybe 2020 is his time.

4. - Michelle Obama - I doubt she will run but if she does, I would move her to the top of this list in a heartbeat.

Honor roll mentions:
-Cory Booker - He has been rising in my opinion but not quite there yet.
-Gavin Newsom - I like him and voted for him, but it might not quite be his time yet.
-Kirsten Gillibrand - The woman is tenacious and on the right path. She has a future.
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