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Member since: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 09:07 PM
Number of posts: 9,933

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Beto coming up on Cuomo.

Mayor Pete's Memorial Day Message


So a NK dictator denigrates a former US vice president and Rump thinks it's funny.

and then misspells his name. And 40% of the people we share this country with think it's A-OK. Jesus Christ!


Ex-bank CEO charged with lending millions to Paul Manafort in exchange for help getting Trump White

Source: CNBC

Ex-bank CEO charged with lending millions to Paul Manafort in exchange for help getting Trump White House job

Stephen Calk, former CEO of Federal Savings Bank, has been indicted on charges that he loaned former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort millions of dollars in exchange for Manafortís help securing a high-level Trump administration position.

According to prosecutors, Manafort received three separate home loans from Federal Savings Bank in 2016 and 2017, valued up to $16 million.

In exchange for the loans, Manafort secured a spot on a prestigious Trump campaign committee for Calk, and helped get him a formal interview with the Trump transition team, although Calk wasnít ultimately offered a job, the indictment says.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/23/banker-indicted-for-loaning-millions-to-paul-manafort-for-trump-white-house-job.html

And the hits just keep on coming.

Bill Clinton: I'm going back to work for the American people.

Loser Dotard: I'm going on strike.

Thanks to Gloria Borger.

Wolfie opens with "Trump Loses Again"

It's the investigations, stupid.

Nancy's on the right track to Donnie's demise. His meltdown confirmed it.

Stoke the boiler. Full throttle ahead.

Steve Bullock was asked a question tonight that all the candidates better be prepared to answer:

If Donnie is charged and convicted of a crime after he leaves office would you pardon him?

Steve gave a less than resounding "no".

Howard Dean on CNN re latest Quinnipiac poll

"Too early. Joe has 100% name recognition." Voters tend to like something new.

Wouldn't be surprised if one or two not even showing up in the polls now move up on the radar after the debates.

Trump is the most corrupt president ever.

Seth Hettena on CNN: Accounting information is better than tax information.

Tax information is private and can be kept from the public. Accounting information has no such restrictions.

E. Cummins told April Ryan that the order is a very big deal. A very big deal. She said he said it twice.

There is no stay. Red Don will have to ask the superior court and then ultimately the SC for a stay.

The judge is a black man appointed by Obama but has ruled in Red Don's favor in the past according to April.

We shall see if justice prevails. The fucker's on his way to PA. He'll be crazy tonight.

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