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Member since: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 08:07 PM
Number of posts: 9,294

Journal Archives

The impeached one went off the rails in Michigan.

CNN showing some classic nutcase clips.

Hakeem Jeffries

is a bad ass. Can't get enough of that man. He makes me proud.


The worm turns on that vile birther bastard today!

Life is good.

Castor is melting under cross by Berke.

This Goldman guy is something else!

Talk about tying it all together and knocking it out of the fucking park!

Video: Trudeau, Macron and Johnson caught on camera making fun of Trump


This CNN program on now, "In the words of the Witnesses", is very well done.

Coming up at 9:00 ET is "All the President's Lies". Don't see how they can cram them all in in an hour. Maybe it's just Part One of a 100 part series.

Fuck trump and all these fuckers that are a part of, or enabling, his criminal enterprise.

WaPo Breaking News (didn't check for dup)

Per CNN: WaPo has obtained emails showing The White House trying to justify aid withholding after the fact.

Or as they refer to it in The White House SOP.

OMG! Hill has gotta be these fucker's worst nightmare!

Next Dem up should yield some more time to Castor.

These self inflicted wounds are funny as hell and Sondland's not changing his mind about staying out of jail.

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