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Member since: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 08:07 PM
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The payments should be called "bribe payments" rather than "hush money payments".

We need to improve our verbiage.

Schiff claims there's already 'direct evidence' of collusion by Trump campaign

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said Sunday that he believes a Russian lawyer's 2016 offer of damaging information on Hillary Clinton to members of the Trump campaign and their subsequent meeting amounts to "direct evidence" of collusion.

“I think there is direct evidence in the emails from the Russians through their intermediary offering dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of what is described in writing as the Russian government effort to help elect Donald Trump," Schiff said on CBS's "Face the Nation."

"They offer that dirt. There is an acceptance of that offer in writing form the president’s son, Don Jr., and there is overt acts and furtherance of that," he added, citing a summer 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between the Russian lawyer and members of the president's team.

"That to me is direct evidence," Schiff continued. "But there’s also abundant circumstantial evidence."


Elizabeth Warren on The Axe Files tonight at 7:00 ET nt

With the hate trump is stirring up, some of our new members of Congress

better have Secret Service protection post haste! Hopefully Nancy is addressing this. The maniac is going to push some nutcase(s) over the edge.

The shit he's spewing is way past dangerous.

rump: Some Serving in the U.S. Congress "Hate Our Country"

Trump spoke about immigration at length during his free-wheeling, off-the-cuff speech. He said that he would be in favor of people migrating to the United States, so long as they comply with immigration laws and are selected by merit.

He added that immigrants should also “be people that can love our country, not hate our country.”

“We have people in Congress, right now we have people in Congress, that hate our country,” the President said. It’s unclear if he meant specifically immigrants serving in Congress.


Those two lawyers Fredricka Whitfield has on were discussing Gaetz

Often they take opposite sides but they both agreed that Gaetz is in serious trouble. They said anytime the Bar investigates you, you are in deep shit. The Bar can even recommend charges to the state. One said it was flat out witness tampering "without any question" and he's seen defendants get 5 years for that kind of shit.

That was an enjoyable segment!

Delaney/Gabbard/Buttigieg at SXSW & CNN Town Hall March 10

Delaney will kick off the event at 7 p.m. ET, followed by Gabbard at 8 p.m. and Buttigieg at 9 p.m. All three events will be held at Austin City Limits at the Moody Theater.

The "CNN Democratic Presidential Town Hall @ SXSW" will air on CNN, CNN International and CNN Español, beginning at 7 p.m. ET and 4 p.m. PT. Viewers without a cable subscription can watch on CNN.com or via CNNgo on mobile devices and connected televisions.

An absolutely safe prediction is that Pete Buttgieg will amaze and impress a lot of people that are not familiar with him. He is highly intelligent, personable and witty.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg Breaks Down What the GOP Misunderstands About "Freedom"

Adam Schiff: House Moscow Trump Tower hearing on March 14 to be Open!

March 14. Felix Sater to testify.

Cohen to appear again before House Intel Committee on March 6.

Too much shit to cover in one day.


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