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Gender: Female
Hometown: Deep South, USA
Home country: USA
Current location: My favorite chair, or maybe out on the porch.
Member since: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 04:54 AM
Number of posts: 32,365

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That last, not necessarily healthily. Death rates were much

higher than would be acceptable now. Prosperous people tended to leave for the summer, especially ones with children to protect, before electric fans became available.

Who's the woman who called the police claiming to be worried

about him? I feel really bad for what happened to this poor kid. It'd be interesting to know if, having responded, the police had options other than to question and run a background check on him and how complaints against white "suspicious lookers" are handled.

But, again, where's the woman? What's HER name, because it sounds like she's the troublemaker here. Glad others supported him.

Nonsense premise, including the RW "free" smear that has no

basis in reality.

The ACA was meant to include a public option, and those costs were worked out and found to be affordable by the GAO and a bunch of other analysts before its passage in 2009. It would have been included in the ACA if conservative, anti-tax opposition that included Joe Lieberman hadn't managed to block it.

I call it nonsense, btw, because that it can be funded and would be, and how, is extremely well documented. And all relevant arguments that it would be too expensive refuted.

All of those here who've spent the past 10 years without it, don't forget to also thank Bernie Sanders for his efforts. He would be glad if he could to delay all improvements to the ACA for at very least another 7 years while a his own giant but unwritten program that also depended on free market, for-profit providers was written and implemented. Without development of inexplicable LW opposition to the ACA (!) in 2015-2016, a probable Hillary Clinton administration would have added the public option already.

Actually, she had a GREAT deal to do with the Blue Wave,

and other colleagues who worked their butts off for years to make it happen, of course. They and others are doing the same right now.

You and the others who feel this way have the ability to

rid the planet of the "plague" of yourselves any time you want. I can't help feeling that we would be the better without by leaving a more caring and generous human race. Of course, given that many who feel this way have already reproduced, the benefit in those cases would be less.

Or maybe this is just mean-spirited, negative noise? Do you even know that because we do have caring, generous people the infant and child mortality rates have plummeted in the last couple of decades, the numbers living in genuine abject poverty have plummeted, that the average lifespan across the planet has risen into the upper 70s? SEVENTIES!

C. auris has been identified, tracked, and fought by brave people, ones immune to the endemic whining and whimpering, for 10 years now. The news isn't that hospitals concerned about their bottom lines have kept it a secret, but that it's spreading and we still don't have a cure. Oh, of course, and that apparently that magic point at which the media start covering on the FRONT page and TV screen instead of in the health section, as it has been for a decade, has been reached. Again. This will probably pass like the last news breakout did.

Oh, btw, these are dreadful funguses, but C. auris currently tends to affect the very weak and ill, spreading in hospitals but not much through communities of healthy people. Whether that's reassuring or disappointing is up to the individual.

Imagine our ambassador is safe in our embassy

or consul and not out inspecting far areas and staying too long in one place. Brave man, one fatal mistake.

Yes, best wishes to Libya and its people. Foreigners could take refuge in their consuls and embassies if it came to it. I imagine those of most nations today are fortresses. Ours certainly are, for good reason

We need to all be sobered by the typically NARROW victory

margins both parties have had in this century.

Political scientists expect this to continue for some while, with power possibly thrown from one party to another in election after election in a very destabilizing and undermining manner.

Therefore I say: ANY candidate who runs a splinter or third-party campaign from the left in this environment IS, by definition and de facto, willing to accept continued Republican hold on power as an alternative to winning.

That wasn't a new reality in 2016, and it won't be in 2020. Third party input could be a plus back in the New Deal and early Reagan eras. It's a recipe for national destruction in this one.

Witness post 2016.

The royal family will be looking more like the people

of UK and the former empire. I like that. I like that the nasty reactions to her race are so minor that it's happening. I see it as an advance.

You seem really hipped on this whole subject of England's royal family, in a very negative way. Maybe examine why you object so much to them becoming less what you imagine you dislike so much? They're not half as important to me. I didn't even know until today that she existed or that her mother is black, PoC, whatever people prefer to call it. I just think it's nice and I was glad to hear about it.

If it's any perverse comfort to you, she's really as much white as black. It's not as if both her parents were Somali or some such. You can still despise the royal family for being appallingly wealthy (I'm with you to the point of very strongly disapproving that, but not to the point of becoming overcome with hostility) and failing to break that barrier.

Say "anti-FASCIST." Don't use their terms or abandon this one's honest meaning.

Liberals and most Democrats ARE the nation's anti-fascists. All those who use "antifa" to mean we are fascists are supporters of fascism, whether they know it or not, and of course some know perfectly well. If you are using that term the way those who invented it mean it to be, you may have accidentally turned left on your way to a different forum.

Conservatives naturally have a dark view of humanity.

It's a big part of what makes them conservative. In this case, it wouldn't matter how many people they see working happily for the pleasure of working and/or for its other rewards, they "feel" most people would not work if they didn't have to.

Frankly, I've come to the conclusion that strong conservatives are simply not fit for leadership in a democracy.
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