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Gender: Female
Hometown: Deep South, USA
Home country: USA
Current location: My favorite chair, or maybe out on the porch.
Member since: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 04:54 AM
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Shocking but a real-life illustration of people becoming

progressively more extremist through their own indulgence in this kind of thing, and the groups they belong to also, as research has documented extensively.

Another problem for democracy that research has revealed: In general, the old theory that people choose leaders who reflect their views doesn't hold up. Instead, people follow the leaders who rise in their group and it is their ideology and positions on issues that change to fit. We are WITNESSING this big time as a majority of conservatives adapt anywhere from somewhat to completely to Trump's authoritarian irrationality.

Agree. Conservatives have become dysfunctionally reactionary

and suffer from an extremely bad leadership that even more dysfunctionally reactionary. The Republican congressional caucuses are both farther right than their electorate and significantly farther right than ever before in history. Their extremist ideology has lead them to prey on instead of serve their own constituencies.

The result has been destructively ignorant and mindless rebellions against the party leadership: The Koch-created Tea Party scheme that lead its victims even farther right and now the intentionally destructive Trump rebellion.

Hidden behind all the discussion about racism and xenophobia is the trumpsters' very real populist passion to defeat the extremist Ryan, McConnell, ultraconservative billionaire-type schemes and return to the prosperity once gained by worker power and a certain degree of progressivism. Of course, they're going about it all wrong.
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