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Gender: Female
Hometown: Deep South, USA
Home country: USA
Current location: My favorite chair, or maybe out on the porch.
Member since: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 04:54 AM
Number of posts: 33,867

Journal Archives

You and the others who feel this way have the ability to

rid the planet of the "plague" of yourselves any time you want. I can't help feeling that we would be the better without by leaving a more caring and generous human race. Of course, given that many who feel this way have already reproduced, the benefit in those cases would be less.

Or maybe this is just mean-spirited, negative noise? Do you even know that because we do have caring, generous people the infant and child mortality rates have plummeted in the last couple of decades, the numbers living in genuine abject poverty have plummeted, that the average lifespan across the planet has risen into the upper 70s? SEVENTIES!

C. auris has been identified, tracked, and fought by brave people, ones immune to the endemic whining and whimpering, for 10 years now. The news isn't that hospitals concerned about their bottom lines have kept it a secret, but that it's spreading and we still don't have a cure. Oh, of course, and that apparently that magic point at which the media start covering on the FRONT page and TV screen instead of in the health section, as it has been for a decade, has been reached. Again. This will probably pass like the last news breakout did.

Oh, btw, these are dreadful funguses, but C. auris currently tends to affect the very weak and ill, spreading in hospitals but not much through communities of healthy people. Whether that's reassuring or disappointing is up to the individual.

Imagine our ambassador is safe in our embassy

or consul and not out inspecting far areas and staying too long in one place. Brave man, one fatal mistake.

Yes, best wishes to Libya and its people. Foreigners could take refuge in their consuls and embassies if it came to it. I imagine those of most nations today are fortresses. Ours certainly are, for good reason
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