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Member since: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 09:37 AM
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My blog: http://www.borntorunthenumbers.com/

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BTRTN: Why Hillary Will (Still) Win, Post-Comey

Comey-Gate is not a game changer -- an analytic and common-sense look:

From HRC and Podesta re the Comey Letter

Friend --

By now, you've probably heard some news about a bewildering letter sent to Congressional leaders by the Director of the FBI.

This is all a bit confusing, and much of the reporting has been misleading or downright inaccurate, so I want to take a minute to walk through this. Bear with me!

Here's the quick backstory: In July, FBI Director James Comey concluded a year-long investigation by deciding not to go forward with any case about Hillary's emails. It wasn't even a close call, he said. In his words, "no reasonable prosecutor" would have brought charges.

Yesterday, in a surprise to us all, Comey wrote a very strange letter to Congress that was long on innuendo and short on facts. He said that in a completely separate investigation, the FBI had found some emails that may or may not be related to Hillary, and indeed may or may not be significant at all.

It's since been reported that these emails may not have even been sent by or to Hillary; that they weren't withheld by Hillary or the campaign in the earlier investigation; and most or even all of them may be duplicates of emails already in the FBI's possession.

It's being reported that Comey sent this letter over the objections of Department of Justice officials who told him that it was inconsistent with longstanding policy of both Democratic and Republican administrations not to take action that might impact an election. It's an unprecedented intrusion into a close presidential election with 10 days until Election Day.

But by being vague and obfuscating, Comey opened the door to conspiracy theories, Republican attacks against Hillary, and a surge of fundraising for Trump and his team. So this bears repeating: There is no evidence of wrongdoing, no charge of wrongdoing, and no indication that any of this even involves Hillary.

Voters deserve answers.

Comey needs to come clean with the American people about what he found and answer all the questions about why he took this unprecedented step less than two weeks before the election.

Here's what this changes for you and this campaign: Absolutely nothing.

Trump has spent more than a year trying to bully his way to the presidency. He's been browbeating the FBI (indeed, many have speculated that Comey took this extraordinary action in part to reduce the pressure on his agency that Trump's campaign and his Republican Congressional allies has been building up), leading crowds in chants of "lock her up," and even saying Hillary should be in prison -- and if he won, he'd put her there.

The facts be damned -- Trump's always shown a complete disregard for the truth. In spite of there being no new information, he's already raising money off the bizarre letter (he literally sent a text message asking for money within an hour of the story breaking!) and he's more fired up than ever on the trail today.

These are the actions of a desperate man. Trump knows he can't win on his character, temperament, or his policies. He's behind, so he'll cling to whatever he can.

So, no, our strategy doesn't change. But our intensity needs to, because we can't let him get away with this.

Our organizers and volunteers on the ground are rallying behind Hillary in what will be the biggest volunteer weekend of the campaign so far. You need to get her back, too. You need to say you're not willing to let Trump bully or buy his way into the presidency, and you're not going to let anything stop us from making history.

There are ten days to go. Let's buckle down, stay focused, and win this.

Do You Realize the GOP Controls the New York State Senate?

But we have a chance to flip the Senate, and we need to win races like this one. Please forward this on to your friends!

BTRTN: Comey Acrimony

My friend Carll rants away on the insane and unseemly FBI Director:

BTRTN 50-State Electoral College Snapshot #8: With Two Weeks To Go, Clinton Now Has 272 Solids

Clinton maintains her commanding lead and now only has to hold onto her "Solids" to win.

BTRTN Senate/House Snapshot #6: Dems Squeak Ahead in Control of Senate, Now "Lead" 50/50

Donald Trump may be in free fall, but that does not mean down-ballot races are following suit. But it does not take much to tip the balance in the unbelievably close race to control the Senate, and the Dems have snuck ahead (assuming they only need 50 seats with a Clinton win):

BTRTN Debate #3: Trump is Victim of His Own White Noise

Last night Donald Trump needed a big win to reverse his campaign's death spiral. Instead, the campaign that began with a downward escalator ride finally hit rock bottom:

BTRTN Presidential Snapshot #7: Clinton Strengthens Overwhelming Lead In a Wild, Sordid Week

At this point it may be wise to simply hold our noses, avert our eyes and cover our ears. This long, sad national nightmare of a campaign will be over in 22 days, and we can then excise Donald Trump from our minds and give words like "hideous," "appalling" and "bloviating" a well-earned rest. But it is going to be mighty ugly until then.

The numbers seem pretty clear, as evidenced by our latest BTRTN Snapshot:

An Idea for Hillary's First 100 Days: How To Best Use Bill to help the National Conversation

Over the last several years, our country has found itself having a national conversation about basic issues of equlaity -- such as income inequality (Occupy Wall Street, the Sanders campaign), and what it really means to be African American in this country, especially with respect to the law (Black Lives Matter), and now, what is the reality of being a woman and continually plagued with misogyny and worse, sexual assault. These dialogues are wrenching yet productive, and move the ball forward...but how far?

A friend of mine thinks there is a role for Bill Clinton on the second issue, the whole Black Lives Matter/law enforcement divide. Could Hillary not put Bill in charge of leading and organizing that dialogue, and ultimately recommending actionable outcomes? Sort of like Biden's cancer Moon Shot? Who better than Bill, 'America's First Black President" to listen, and explain, and prompt productive action?

BTRTN Senate/House Snapshot #5: Dems Take Aim at Senate, House Control as Trump Implodes

Control of both houses is now in play, but as of this BTRTN Snapshot, the Trump meltdown has not quite translated into an overall Dem lead in either the Senate or the House. But it is mighty close...
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