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Member since: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 09:37 AM
Number of posts: 1,338

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My blog: http://www.borntorunthenumbers.com/

Journal Archives

Bernie Crushes It Out West...

...and actually picks up a few delegates, cutting the gap by a bit:

BTRTN March 26 Predictions: Bernie Will Sweep Three Western Caucuses Tomorrow

Bernie fans, get out your popcorn, tomorrow night is your trifecta:

Can Donald Trump Win It All in the Primaries and Prevent a Brokered Convention?

The math says, yes, it is likely:

White Lies Matter

Since when did it become OK to outright lie on the campaign trail?

BTRTN March 22 Post-Mortem: La Plus Ca Change....

Somebody won, somebody lost, but the delegate gap on both sides remained enormous (and we at BTRTN went five for five in predictions):

But the better read might be "White Lies Matter"....

Bernie Will Win Two States Tomorrow

Can he ride a Western roll to the nomination?

BTRTN March 22 Predictions: Will Bernie and Cruz Begin Western Winning Streaks

Thus begins the Great Western Hope for the challengers, hoping they can do in this region what they have not done yet...derail Clinton and Trump. Here are our predictions for the March 22 contests:

Is DU the biggest forum for political discussion, especially related to the 2016 elections?

Or are there others that are comparable? Thanks!

Stick a Fork in Bernie. Plus Trump Can Win Outright in the Primary Season. It May Even be Likely.

Get used to Hillary versus Trump:

Clinton/Trump Are The Champions and Kasich Stayin' Alive on Goodbye Rubio Tuesday

It was a consequential night at the polls. Read all about it, and what comes next....can the GOP really deny Trump enough delegates in the primary season to force a brokered convention? (And BTRTN had an excellent night with our predictions...)
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