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Member since: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 09:37 AM
Number of posts: 1,338

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My blog: http://www.borntorunthenumbers.com/

Journal Archives

Trump 3.0: The Three Faces of Evil

It's been yet another amazing week, in which the two new players leading Donald Trump's campaign have begun to assert their influence. The result, however, is that these two distinct voices in addition to the candidate's own have resulted in Trump 3.0: The Three Faces of Evil.

BTRTN's Complete By-The-Numbers Up-To-The-Minute View of the Presidential, Senate and House Races

If you really want to know where EVERYTHING stands right now, here is your guide, in summary and in detail. State-by-state looks at the Electoral College and the Senate, plus our handy regression model to look at the House. (Governors to come!) Enjoy!

Ignore the LA Times Poll that Has Trump up 45-43

The LA Times polls have been outliers throughout this whole cycle. While the LA Times poll has Trump +2, four other recent polls have Clinton +5, +6, +9 and +6. And every LA Time poll has exhibited this pattern.

If you want to really track this election and understand what the numbers are saying, follow BTRTN (Born To Run The Numbers). You won't get caught up in any single poll. BTRTN aggregates and explains and also offers a bunch of funny commentary. This is their latest on the electoral college....

...and on the Senate:

Trump Campaign Shake-Up: No More Mr. Nice Guy!

What’s the meaning behind the big Trump campaign shake-up? BTRTN explores the curious and worrisome logic of hiring Breitbart executive Steve Bannon to guide Trump’s campaign to the finish line.

BTRTN Latest Senate Election Rack-Up: Could Control All Come Down to Louisiana on December 10th?

It is that close right now....

Weapons of Mass De-Construction: How Trump Uses Innuendo to Incite Hatred and Denies Responsibility

How Donald Trump relies on linguistic weasels to spew hatred with “plausible denial.” Weasels, by the way, are not the least bit happy to be associated with Donald Trump.

BTRTN 50-State Electoral Snapshot #2: Trump Gaffe-a-Thon Propels Hillary to Big Lead

The post-convention swing state polls have been extraordinarily one-sided....

Yes We Khan! A Muslim Immigrant Has Donald Trump Bleating a Hasty Retweet

There is no doubt that this was a terrible week for Donald Trump. The real question, though, is whether the Democrats can learn from it... and figure out how to provoke more weeks just like it.

Hillary "Bounces" Back and Then Some, While Trump Surrogates Squirm

Hillary Clinton won the Convention Wars, as her bounce was bigger than Trump's bounce, and she now holds a commanding lead. And the Kahn Wars rage on, leaving Trump surrogates defending the indefensible...
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