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Member since: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 09:37 AM
Number of posts: 1,341

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My blog: http://www.borntorunthenumbers.com/

Journal Archives

Trump Says He "Never Said That" But The Tape Don't Lie

Check it out, awesome!

BTRTN: Clinton Wins Debate as Trump Throws a Temperament Tantrum

The best take yet on the debate!

According to Polls, Clinton Wins First Debate...and Wins Big

Ignore the online polls, here are the first "real" poll outcomes:

BTRTN Snapshot: GOP Improves Position in Senate and House Races

Need a distraction waiting for the debate? Here is the BTRTN latest Snapshot for Congress. The Dems now need to pick-off one of three toss-up elections that are just tilting to the GOP to win back the Senate:

BTRTN: Our 120-Second Anti-Trump Rant for Hillary To Use in Monday's Debate

A script for Hillary Clinton's Will McAvoy moment:

Why Hillary Will Win

Nervous that Hillary is going to lose? Relax....this is an analytically-based assessment of why Hillary Clinton's chances of winning are much higher than the prediction sites are currently calling. (But keep working for her....don't get complacent.)

14 Questions We Would Like to See Trump Attempt to Answer in the First Debate

Some suggestions for moderators who do not aspire to be Matt Lauer:

The GOP Stranglehold on State Houses Will Continue in 2016

BTRTN takes our first look at the gubernatorial races, and it ain't pretty for the Dems.

Clinton Still in Electoral College Command But Map is Less Favorable; And Is Texas Truly In Play?

Clinton is laboring a bit on Labor Day, but Trump is still on the ropes in states he should be winning easily...

Inside the Eye of Tropical Flip-Flop Donald

How do we make sense of Donald Trump's two-hump Hump Day, in which he presented two wildly different personalities in the space of hours in Mexico City and Phoenix?
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